Some mumbo jumbo about why I don’t make New Years resolutions

I’m not big on New Years resolutions simply because I am a stubborn mofo and if there is a rule to follow, it is in my nature to NOT want to follow it. (Oh hi, I haven’t written a post in a month, how are you??) Yes, even if it is a rule I set for myself. I don’t know, I’m a little mental. So I have to pretty much trick myself into reaching my own goals that I didn’t make because I won’t want to reach them if I actually made them. Make sense? No, it absolutely doesn’t, but I’ve made peace with it.

What I’ve found that works best is that I can’t be strict with myself. I can’t even really set a true ‘goal’; I have to be all ‘everybody is a winner’ about it.  I will not write these down in a journal or repeat them each morning as I wake up or put them on post it notes. Nonono, that would mean I am committed in some way. I don’t commit to things, remember? I am mental. So this is what I do. I tell myself this one thing:

Morgan, be better.

That’s all I need, as simple as it is and as weird as it sounds. That simple “be better” is loaded with invisible aspirations. I know I’m not perfect and am VERY aware of what needs work. I ask for God’s help with those things every day, regardless of this being a new year (my non-committal nature being one of the big ones, obviously). WHOA NELLY, this is getting too deep for la petite blog. I should have just said “lose 15 pounds” and be done with it. Seriously though. Rules… I don’t like them, but in my crazy backward way, I’m working on it.

Also working on taking pictures with my eyes, you know, open.

12 thoughts on “Some mumbo jumbo about why I don’t make New Years resolutions

  1. Yup. If I make a rule I have to break it. But, only rules I make for myself because I’m too chicken to break real-life rules.

  2. haha…my husband is the exact same way! I like making resolutions though because the year just seems like the perfect beginning. :)

  3. i have never commented before… but i’ve been reading for a while. i just felt compelled to tell you that when i read “Morgan, be better.” i felt a stirring in the very depths of my soul, like you were speaking to me.

    then i remember you’re morgan, too! :)

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  5. you are so funny, really!
    I agree with the whole “no resolutions” thing. Why set yourself up for failure or disappointment? Just do better, be better, and try harder-with everything. Saying it like that now made it sound scarier than just setting a few piddly goals!! haha!

  6. Bonnie: HAHA! Now that you mention it, it does totally sounds scarier than “lose 15 pounds and sweep every morning”! I think I’ll accomplish a lot more this way though. Thank you for the sweet words, as always! :) xo

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