Weird beauty habits that actually work well (for me, at least)

By now, you are all aware that I love makeup and beauty and all that junk. I’ve been meaning to write a post to share some of my weirdest beauty tips and tricks that I’ve used over the years, but completely spaced on that, obviously. (Be better, Morgan. Be better!) Some of these things are pretty basic, but I always like to hear about other people’s beauty routines so I figured you might too. :)

Peach Fuzz Removal

A few years ago, I wrote about my girlstache and my method of getting rid of that mess. While I still use Sally Hansen’s Hair Remover Creme for that, I’ve also been using facial razors for unibrow and sideburn upkeep for years. Don’t go making that judgy face, guuuurl. We all suffer from The Sasquatchies in some form. There are tons of facial razors out there (Sephora has one for around $15 and it’s awesome, and stores like Walgreens usually have them as well), but my favorite has been this:

I don’t think we really need to comment on the name, do we? Yeah. Anyway, I found this pack of 3 at the dollar store and they’ve lasted me for months. Every week, I’ll ‘shave’ the peach fuzzy side burn things and down along my neck/chin area, and it leaves your face smooth and exfoliated. I’m being real here: I had NO idea I needed this before I tried it. I was amazed and completely grossed out the first time I used one. SO MUCH FUZZ.

I’m sure there are people who have issues with using a razor… “Eww, but those are for MEN!” Stoppit. I did the same thing when I first saw them, but I got over it when I realized how easy they are to use and how great the results are. Trust me! Watch this video by the MMandLShow on YouTube for a good tutorial. Your life will be changed.

Pimple Coverage

I’ve had my fair share of breakouts, people. There have been some baaaad times, let me tell you. When I was 14, I was so embarrassed about my blemishes that I kind of just made up a routine that ended up working for me and I still use it to this day (almost 13 years later).

  • Apply your foundation and concealer as usual
  • Set it with loose powder
  • THEN! Find a shade of eye shadow that is as close as you can get to the tone of your skin (WITH makeup on). I’m very fair so my shadow is almost always a very light tan shade. Get a little brush and dab some of the eye shadow onto your trouble spots and blend outward slightly.
  • Top with another light dusting of powder and you’re good to go!

That little bit of extra coverage makes a HUGE difference for those times where your spots are really red and still show through your foundation/concealer.

Moisturizing Dry Hands/Elbows/Feet

This is another one I blogged about a few years ago. After I stopped nursing Maddie and Jack, I had a large supply of leftover nipple ointment for you know, that chapped thing that occurs when your baby is yanking and pulling on your boobs 12 times a day. This stuff right here works WONDERS on dry skin all over your body, especially that cracked, chapped winter dryness of the hands:

It’s like a giant tube of Chapstick that twists up. I’ve used other brands of my leftover nipple ointment and they all work pretty well, but this is my favorite. If you have any leftover from your nursing days, give it a shot.

Layering Mascara

I know this sounds a little ridiculous and unnecessary and I’m sure this isn’t for everyone, but I am super picky about how my eyelashes look. Mascara is always the thing I have the most trouble with because it’s hard to find one single tube that will help me achieve everything I want. Length, volume, no clumps, quick application, good wand. See? A liiiiittle high maintenance.

(I can totally see clumps right now and it’s giving me hives as I speak, but that fresh face of makeup has since melted off in the midst of my toddler-chasing fury, so this photo will have to do. But ahhhh)

What I’ve found that works best is to not use just one, but two different mascaras, each with it’s own unique strength. My two go-to’s at the moment are L’Oreal Voluminous (a favorite for years) and Maybelline Volum’ Express Mega Plush. They’re completely different, but work together perfectly.

Coconut Oil for… everything

Everyone has been informed of the wonders of coconut oil recently, thanks to Pinterest. It’s great for the skin, hair and even your brain. People use it all over their bodies because of it’s natural, safe moisturizing properties. A funny thing about it is that it’s solid at cool temperatures, so when I scoop it out of the jar, there’s always a little bit left on the spoon. I, not wanting to waste any of the magic, will either lick it right off the spoon or rub it on my face. Yep. Right there in the kitchen. A few nights ago I was cooking with it and Justin walked in at the exact moment I was rubbing the back of the spoon on my cheek. The face he made was the most disgusted, confused expression I’ve ever seen.

(I enjoyed every minute of it.)

Do you guys have any strange or helpful beauty tricks that work well for you? I’d love to add more things to my ever-expanding pile of weirdness.

25 thoughts on “Weird beauty habits that actually work well (for me, at least)

  1. WHERE do I begin?!

    *I’m SO glad you addressed the name of the razor – beat ’em to the punch! ;-) I’ve gotta go get some of that facial cream. I’ve been lazy about going to get my ‘stach waxed for a while now and so I’ve just been ignoring it…until my husband pretends to comb it. URGH!

    *eye shadow as concealer – OF COURSE! brilliant!!

    *I can see a rise in nipple cream sales…

    *you’re gorgeous!!!!!

    *coconut oil is invading my world! I hear about it everywhere and last night at Costco there was a giant jug of it. Gonna have to buy some I think.

    *I’m going to email you an invite to this thing called Birchbox. Check it out – I learned about it from another blog I read. I’m about to get my 1st box in the mail and I.CAN’T.WAIT! It’s supposed to be oversized beauty samples – for $10/month. Yes, please.

    {I’m sure this comment going to be a mile long…sorry!}

  2. I have yet to jump on the coconut train, but my mom swears by the stuff. And she’s converted my 8-year old. He runs around with a little ziploc pot of it in his backpack. Grosses my husband out to no end, since Aidan will invariably be applying it to his lips and cheeks, then lick it off his fingers!

    I used various nipple creams for my crack-whore feet until I ran out. That stuff made my heels baby-butt smooth! It lasts a loooong time. I know this because I ran out 2 months ago, and my youngest is 3 1/2!

  3. So, I’m intrigued about this little razor of yours. I’m sure I have peach fuzz on my face but I’m curious about how it looks/feels when it grows back. Is it stubbly or dark? Thicker? Help a sista out! Haha, and that video was super cute!

  4. Kate: I was worried about the regrowth at first too, but it’s not thick or dark at all! I can feel it if I go against the grain after about a week, then I just know it’s time to bust out the magic again! haha :)

  5. Susan: You are the sweetest! Thanks for reminding me about Birchbox! I signed up when it first came out and then canceled for some STUPID reason. I LOVED it!

  6. I LOVE coconut oil. We’ve been using it for diaper rash. (:

    I also love your pimple covering routine and it’s about the same one I use. With the eye shadow sometimes I end up with glittery pimples!

  7. Amber: I’ve totally done that before on accident! Shimmery spots all over ma face. New beauty trend? lol

  8. I’m so exicted to hear about the nip cream working on crack-whore feet! A convo I had this morning-

    Husband: You’r feet. They look disgusting.
    Me: You should buy me a pedi.
    Husband: What do I look like? Your sugar daddy?

    Nipple cream it is!

  9. Thanks for those tips. Video was adorable :) I used to work at a sally’s and cringed every time women would buy those. Now I need to try it. Hey, if Mrs. Priss and Michelle Money partake, well than so am I.

  10. I TOTALLY layer my mascara too! I have dumb eyelashes so I never am happy with how they look with just one type. As far as the razors, I’ve been scared to “try” them because I figured I’d have to keep doing it and lets face it, trying to shave my legs (a decent amount of times) is difficult, I don’t want to neglect my face in the same way! haha

  11. I am so picky about mascara too my favorites. Are literal voluminous and Almay get up and grow. The almay one was recently introduced to me and I seriously love it can’t believe I had never tried it sooner.

  12. Ok, as someone who has a pixie cut, I always have to have my stylist razor my cheek bones and neck (if not, it is SUPER noticeable.) I can’t wait to try the little Tinckle razors for the weeks in between my cut! Thanks for the tip!

  13. I react to almost everything, so I almost never use makeup even though I do have issues with acne.

    Going gluten free back in October has started to help a TON! The more my gut heals, the better my skin is looking. (I’ve recently tested as gluten intollerent. It’s been causing inflammation for years without me knowing!)

    I still get hormonal breakouts the week before that annoying aunt shows up. I use that honey and cinnamon mask you see all over Pinterest for it. It drips like mad, but it works! Especially when used alongside detergent and dye free soap and a really good lotion. I make my own, but I have to say, doing so with the oils I use would be too pricy if I didn’t sell most of it and just keep the leftovers for my own use.

    Also, I like to use a sugar scrub in my legs before I shave. I just use a bit of brown sugar, olive oil, and cinnamon. It prevents those gross ingrown hairs and makes for an extra smooth shave.

  14. For pimple coverage, I always start with eye drops! They take the bulk of the redness out of a pimple like they would with your eyes. Then I go ahead and cover it up with whatever I’m using. It’s just easier to cover up then!

  15. Love the pimple cover trick. I wonder if that would work for dark circles…??

    I’ve noticed a few comments about shaving legs, and I must tell you that after you did the review on the epilator (about six months ago or so) I had to run out and get one. I don’t shave anymore, not even under my arms. Just a once a week (or two) epilate and I’m good to go. Doesn’t even take that long, doesn’t hurt after the second or third time and I don’t need to worry about cold chills right after a shave, especially now that it’s winter. :)

  16. hahahaha!! I was CRACKING UP at those girls on the razor video! Freakin hilar! I’m terrified to ever get my face waxed or attempt to remove the hair in any way b/c I am already sooo horrible about eyebrow and leg hair upkeep, I can’t imagine adding facial hair upkeep to the routine so I’m just gonna be a hairy peach fuzzy gal I guess. I must admit I am intrigued tho!
    I love that you use 2 mascaras LOL! Why have I never thought to do that?! Whenever I want to try a new mascara I get so stressed out standing there holding them and debating whether or not thickness or length is more important- WHICH ONE DO I SACRIFICE!? Well, now I know to just buy BOTH! Duh.
    You so smart!

  17. I thought I was the only one in the world that layer their mascara! All my friends think I am crazy for using two different kinds… and I have done it for about 15 years. I am so glad I am not alone!!!!!

  18. OMG! Thank you for posting about the “fuzz removers”!! I too saw them on the MM&L show (love love love them, btw) and was a bit skeptical. But now I am going to run out and buy some. The moment I got pregnant I swear the face fuzz doubled… so not cool! ;)

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