Mess-Free Art Projects for Toddlers

Okay, I changed the title from “kids” to “toddlers”. This does work well for smaller kids who can still be ‘tricked’ though. :)

If you’re like me, you are probably crazy. It’s okay, friend.

I have major anxiety issues when it comes to the messes my kids make. I’m working very hard on breaking free of this, trust me. I know it’s not fair to keep them from doing what kids do and I definitely don’t want to stifle their creativity. But for those days when they want to paint and I don’t necessarily want to stress and hover over them during the entire process to make sure paint isn’t getting everywhere, this quick and easy project is a savior.

(It’s not the most exciting kid project in all the universe, but for days when mom is sick, HALLELUJAH!)






I seriously need more things like this in my life if I ever expect to live to 30.

For the slightly older kids who know this isn’t actually painting, have them throw some glitter in the bag with the paint and tell them to squish it around and make some galaxy art. Hey, whatever works!

11 thoughts on “Mess-Free Art Projects for Toddlers

  1. My 7 year old daughter just said “Mom, this is NOT a craft.” Lol maybe more suitable for toddlers. :)

  2. how ingenious. such a brilliant idea. i have banned all paints from my house and have never let my kids paint because i hate the mess so much. thanks for the idea. i might just try it;)

  3. You can also put a piece of paper in the bag and make actual artwork. My sister also did something similar with her nanny girls where she taped paper down with painters tape, squirted the pain on it and then taped plastic over the top with more painters tape. When they were done she removed the plastic and tape and let them dry. :)

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