Proof that I don’t fold laundry, like ever

Guys, it’s so bad that my kids have made a game of climbing to the top of the gigantic pile of clothes and jumping off. Maddie gets quite a bit of air too… it’s actually pretty impressive.


So while I was taking the above photo, Jack took Maddie’s lead and climbed up. In a flash, he was at the top and had hold of that big frame and was sliding it back and forth across the wall. It was JUST about to fall off when I decided I should probably stop taking pictures of the madness and go handle the situation like a grown up.

But not before I caught mine and Maddie’s reaction…


That was .2 seconds before I made that loud, unintelligible¬†Mom-Terror noise thing, “AGHHNOOOOOSTOPPP”.

Clearly, something has to be done about these clothes, because yeahhhhh.

lol nope

15 thoughts on “Proof that I don’t fold laundry, like ever

  1. Lol <3, that's about what my bedroom looked like (with everyone's clothes) last week. The clean clothes remained unfolded and started re-mixing with the dirty. I finally cleaned the room, so now there's just dirty piles by the machine. At least they're closer?

  2. HA! I love this. I DESPISE folding laundry- like, holy crap a lot. But I’m also super ocd about wrinkles, so I don’t end up with piles, but I do end up ‘re-fluffing’ them in the dryer for 20 min intervals about a hundred times. Way to waste electricity. I fail.

  3. Glorious rainbow laundry pile for the win!
    Wait ’til they start using your brassieres for ear muffs and your g-strings (‘thongs’ in U.S.-speak?) for pirate eye-patches… :-) xox

  4. I COULD HUG YOUR FACE!!!! :D So glad there is someone else out there whose laundry routine stops at pulling it out of the tumble drier! My idea of it getting put away is by taking the clothes from a pile downstairs and putting it into a pile upstairs. With the way my kids go through clothes it’ll end up in the wash before it’s been folded five minutes anyways, so why waste energy that could be spent playing?

  5. Laundry is never.freaking.ending.

    Soooo….you posted on Instagram a while back that you had an interview? I keep waiting for a post on the outcome? But it hasn’t happened so now I’m going to be nosy and ask.

  6. I just want to say-as the mom of 2 “how did they grow so fast” boys-that it’s a delight to read about how you relish the everyday moments of joy with your children. Trust me…you will never regret the times of pure silliness and love. Hugs~~

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