DIY: 2 Minute Hair Pins

While browsing the dollar section at Michael’s yesterday, I happened upon these adorable little flower embellishments. Twelve of them for a dollar?? I was ALL over that business.



I bought a few packs of the flowers as well as a sheet of pearls and rhinestones (also from the dollar aisle). I thought they’d make the perfect little hairpins! About two minutes later, with the help of my trusty old glue gun, I had whipped up a nice little collection of shabby flower pins.

Here’s how:



  • Flower embellishments (pre-made from Michael’s Craft Store)
  • Bobby pin blanks (can be found at some craft stores or online. I get mine on Etsy.)
  • Felt circles, for better adhering
  • Glue


There’s really not much to these little things. Choose a few flowers that you think go well together, stack them one on top of the other and secure with glue.

For the rosebud (red, pink and grey style shown above), I used two of the same flowers. I took one and folded in half, then in half again and glued after each fold to secure. Then I glued the folded flower onto the flat one. I’m kind of laughing at how ridiculous my explanations are right now, but these are THAT easy. Glue glue glue.


For the back, glue a felt circle to cover most of the area. This will give a nice surface for your bobby pin to adhere. And yes, you guessed it… glue the bobby pin to the felt. OMG SO HARD I KNOW YOU TOTALLY COULDN’T FIGURE THIS OUT ON YOUR OWN.


A few examples of finished hairpins…



And a ring, for good measure. I always end up making a ring when I’m making hair clips, for some reason. Maddie loves them.


Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to share your own ideas! Have fun!

11 thoughts on “DIY: 2 Minute Hair Pins

  1. I got all excited when I saw 2 minute hair pins. I was all “YES finally a craft I can do! Because it takes two minutes!”
    But I would need to load all my children up in my van following the usual attempts of trying to get everyone and myself ready and out of the house in as little time as possible and drive to Michael’s with all four kids and find the flower thingys, which trip will inevitably take two times as long as I think it will…. so….. this is actually more like a two (or even three)-HOUR craft, when all is said and done.
    false advertisement.
    just sayin’.

  2. you do realize I’m kidding, right?? (about the false advertising. not about the time it would take. that is my life, right now. I’m ok with it though. hehe.)
    I love you and your tutorials and think you’re awfully clever and I wish I could accomplish awesome things with the ease you do. :D

  3. SO cute! These are like crocheted flowers, I live in Australia so there is no Michael’s only a Spotlight, which I live 2 hours from and just happened to be there yesterday! DOPE! Luckily I can crochet so these may not be lost after all. Love your blog Morgan!

  4. I HAVE to ask…did you have to clean your daughter’s nails before you took the ring shot? My kids can be straight out of the bath and if I take a picture of them where hands are involved, they’re ALWAYS DIRTY. Ugh!!! Just had to ask…

  5. Kristal: I TOTALLY DID. I also edited them in Photoshop because there’s always some sort of grime under there that I can’t clean. KIDS ARE SICK.


  6. Krystal I was thinking the same thing!! Lol. My daughters recently got their feet washed in church. The leader told them their feet look like they don’t like to wear shoes (it snowed last week, we r in northeast Ohio, they wear shoes). Ohmygosh so embarrising. I want to tell their leader to tell me next time she washes their feet so I can make sure I wash them real good before church!! :)

  7. Karen: Thanks! Joann’s, I believe. MAYBE Michael’s, but I’m almost 100% sure they both carry them.

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