I got a fever. And the only prescription is MOAR BABYZ


Approximately 9,000 of my dearest friends are pregnant, like no exaggeration here. Okayyy, slight exaggeration (I really only have 8,000 close friends). And I keep having these dreams where I didn’t know I was pregnant and I just thought it was gas and then I pull a newborn out of my shirt and it has a full head of styled hair and a 30 year old man’s face. Lots of totally normal dreams like that.

Sometimes I try to rock Jack to sleep and he gets all cuddly with me and tells me he loves me in his cute, half-English/half-caveman language and it’s awesome. Then I see the situation for what it really is and realize it looks like I am singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider to Tyrion Lannister while he sits on my lap and it’s just weirds me out a little that I’m pretending he’s still a tiny baby.


Not that rocking a two year old to sleep is all that weird and I knowww, two is NOT old, but he’s gargantuan and can talk and everything now and I just catch myself thinking he’s still really young. Sometimes he’ll even go a few days without taking his poop out of his diaper and trying to hand it to me. He’s just growing up so fast, you guys!

(I wish that was a joke. Justin’s mom said when he was Jack’s age, he walked up to her, said, “here, Mom” and handed her a big giant turd and she totally wasn’t expecting it and she screamed. I thought that story was absolutely hilarious until Jack started pulling that crap on me — sorry, pun was necessary — and now I just want to cry/barf/send him to the zoo to live with the chimps.)

Wow, so I was totally leading up to saying how badly I have baby fever and that Justin and I are in the discussion phase of having another baby, but that last thing I wrote? I’M CURED! It’s a miracle!

I’ll host a drawing for anyone who can name the three pop culture references in this post. One is totes obvs. The winner can babysit Jack. Hope you have hand sanitizer!

14 thoughts on “I got a fever. And the only prescription is MOAR BABYZ

  1. Discussion phase: “When two people have an in-depth conversation about a certain topic.”*

    * Unless the two people in question are married, then it’s just a one-way conversation initiated and kept alive by the wife. (See: nagging)

  2. Please make more babies, you’re good at it. Stacey approved ; ) I’m pretty sure we’re not done with two either but I should probably have #2 before I make that statement, huh?

  3. To my husband it is NOT normal to be laughing at the computer screen. STOP! And then go make a baby. *wink wink nudge nudge*

  4. Poop is really a wonderful thing…not! Pop culture
    references: #1 – “I got a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell” (Will Ferrall and Christopher Walken
    SNL Skit) #2 – “Are you my mummy?” (Doctor Who Season 1). #3 – Tyrion Lannister in the picture (Game of Thrones)

  5. Your prego dream is exactly how I want to hang out with the Imp. I want to rock him and love him and keep him for my own. I’d also like to get drunk with him and laugh all night long. He’s absolutely my most favorite part of Game of Thrones.

  6. I have had one of the worst weeks and your post is exactly what I needed for a good laugh! I love the way you keep it real and honest! You are doing a great job, you should totally have 10 more babz ;-)

  7. I would not mind seeing that cute pregnant belly again… however, if one of my children ever handed me a poop the ute would be CLOSED FOREVER.
    Good luck with that nagging :)

  8. I would probably scream too if I was handed a little Poop-D-Jour. So funny! I totally have the fever too- I hear the only cure is waiting for the terrible 2-3s :)

  9. Random question…I have been looking at all of your different felt flower tutorials and I was just wondering where you get all of your felt from? I’ve looked at JoAnns and Michaels, but they don’t have a huge variety and it’s all of your basic colors. I was just curious if you found yours at a different store or online. Thanks!

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