The Seven Year Switch

(No, I’m not getting a sex change operation. Read on…)

Today marks year 7 of marriage for Justin and I. It’s going to be a challenge for me not to be ridiculously sappy right now, juuuust be warned.

justin me beach

Our honeymoon in Maui was the first of many sweet memories I’ve had as Justin’s wife. This photo holds a lot of significance for me because I’ve often looked back through our honeymoon photos and thought about how much we’ve been through since that day. We’ve been through so much together and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the most difficult relationship I’ve ever had. It wasn’t long after this vacation that we started to understand how very little we understood of each other and of ourselves.

I’d love to say that we’ve matured and grown so much since then that we no longer get annoyed with each other or disagree about silly things. That I never roll my eyes behind his back when he leaves dishes in the sink or that he never mutters under his breath when I’m annoying. No really, I’d LOVE to say that, but it’s just not true. I can say, however, that we try. Back then, I had no idea what trying meant, nor did I care to find out. I wanted what I wanted and that was that. Our relationship suffered because of that selfishness. It took nearly the full 7 years to switch our habits and try for a marriage that was truly good, pure and lovely. It didn’t take long for things to start shifting in that direction once we made that decision.

Today, though we’re nowhere near perfect or completely selfless with one another, I know how to love him better because I know him better. I know that he has the most tender heart, even though he talks tough. I know that he adores our kids. I know he loves me by how patient he is with me. And by how he tries to act excited when I bring home an awesome pair of shoes I found on clearance (though I know he’s thinking, “MORE shoes!?”). We try to understand the other and not jump to conclusions. We pray together. We value our time together. We go on dates regularly. We try to trust, try to hope and try to persevere because that’s what love does.

Yes, this guy means so much more to me than he did on that beach 7 years ago. Our love is different and grows more with each passing day because we are growing. I don’t even recognize us and I never want that to stop!

Happy Anniversary to my love. See you on our date tonight. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

9 thoughts on “The Seven Year Switch

  1. Happy Anniversary. I think if anything growth is the best thing you can ask for in any relationship. Growth, understanding and falling deeper and better in love. Congrats to finding the happy ground and common ground!

    PS When you said 7 year switch, I didn’t thinks sex change I thought OH snap, they are going to start swinging ;) haha

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! You two sound like you have an awesome marriage and family life! I love your attitude, it’s a good one! :) Marriage DOES get better (I will be celebrating my 15th year this October!) but it IS a lot of work and constant trying and THAT is what makes it work!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You know, it doesn’t get any easier, we just seem to get more understanding and tolerant as the years go by. Sounds like you two are doing a good job of that :)

    We are heading into our 10th year of mawwige, and I can honestly say that the single most important thing we’ve done for our marriage and each other was to participate in a small group called Intimate Encounters. Nope, nothing to do with sex! It’s bible-based, but not preachy. There’s only 3 or 4 couples in a group, plus the leader couple. It’s truly amazing, and really opens your eyes to yourself and what your true needs are, while you get to see your spouse do the same thing, then learn about each other, from each other.
    It’s totally NOT marriage counseling. It’s self-learning and marriage-nurturing. And again, the best thing we’ve ever done (twice!).

    Congrats on 7 years…it gets even more amazing from there!

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