Baby #3 – 10 Weeks


It is seriously FA-reaking me out how quickly it’s popping out this time. I have wanted to bust out the maternity pants since the day I found out. Oh, you want to know something funny about that? And by funny, I mean not really all that funny? I gave/threw all my maternity clothes away. Like, every last piece, down to the tights with the big belly section thing. I am completely starting from scratch, which I guess isn’t all that bad because yeah, new clothes. But I’m seriously drooling in anticipation of slipping on a pair of full panel maternity pants. Drool-ing.

Side note on that… We didn’t plan to have any more babies. We actually actively planned not to, up until a few months ago when things really turned around in our marriage. I figure this is as good a time as any to say that I even got a psst… breastaugmentation (okay let’s be real and say a ‘boob job’)… a few summers ago because we were THAT done with kids. (Questions/comments welcome!) But really, I can’t tell you how excited we are about this little baby because he/she is really going to represent a completely new chapter for our family. A new life, a new marriage, a new sweet baby. We couldn’t be more happy right now.


On to the questions that were asked…

I’m feeling absolutely amazing this time! Everything about this pregnancy has been radically different from the other two so far. One thing I’m noticing is the most intense craving for sour things. Oranges and apples, lemonade, and these stinkin crazy delicious Fizzy Cola candies I had to full on HUNT DOWN this morning because the need was so intense. It called to me from deep within. Thanks to the sweet girl on Instagram who told me they sell them at World Market because all I could find anywhere were the plain ones and No. Weren’t cutting it.

I’m due sometime in mid July. I haven’t been to the doctor and I’m actually scheduled to meet a midwife soon. I KNOW. Who am I again? I’m honestly considering the home birth route this time. Still looking into all the details, but knowing several women who have been through the process, I am completely comfortable with it and actually kind of pumped about going straight to my own bed after delivery. It’s the little things. Rest assured, I’ll be keeping everyone updated on THAT. It’s a big decision, for sure.


Favorite thing right now? Costco slippers. I don’t even care, man. They are making my life 8,000 times more comfy.

Thank you for all the sweet comments and congratulations! Looking forward to a new chapter!

11 thoughts on “Baby #3 – 10 Weeks

  1. Not only is a new baby exciting – but a renewed marriage is just as exciting in my book. It makes ALL the difference in the world and especially in day-to-day life. I’m very happy for you – God is SO good.

  2. wow!!! that is some food for thought (the home delivery). :) good for you! congrats and I’m glad to see that you are doing well! i heard that the third pregnancy is a bit nicer. Hahahaha love how you threw in the “boob job” comment.

  3. Congrats on number three! I am supa (36 weeks!) pregnant with our “we’re done having them forever or at least five years whooooooops” baby number 3. This one is THE LAST THO.
    I think you are very brave for mentioning the boob job, and I’m super curious simply because after three pregnancies and all the nursing to boot…..things aren’t awesome on the boob front. I would love to hear about what brought you to the decision/your husbands reaction and how the recovery went (that part freaks me out).

  4. Hi Morgan! I like about 45 minutes south of you and I planned a home birth with an amazing midwife up in Fresno. She was seriously the bees knees. I ended up having pre-eclampsia so I had to have an emergency cesarean but after meeting her at one of my appointments my sister had a home birth/unplanned water birth with her at it was an amazing experience! I’ll be attempting a VBAC with any future kiddos and she’ll be the first midwife I call. If you wanted to chat feel free to contact me! :) (Also, hope this doesn’t seem creepy weird.)

  5. Wow, I’m on the same track as you… I’m due July 14th! 10 weeks. Closer to 11 weeks now. This is only my second baby and my stomach looks the same, I popped already! I also gave into maternity shirts and yoga pants and couldn’t be happier! I really look forward to following your blog during my pregnancy :)

  6. HAY LADY. CONGRATS! aaaand… Guess what. I’m due MID AUGUST. We can totally be bitch buddies. fistpumps. And I think I gave most of my mat clothes to my sister in law when she got pregnant (and then married) at 18 because I figured 18 year olds don’t have big mat clothes budgets so I get a shopping spree toooooooo. And I’m at 6 weeks or something and shit I’m sure there’s like 90% Christmas food and 10% baby but I still look preggo already. daaaang. Number four for me. And that reminds me I have to try calling my midwife again. I had a midwife for 2/3 so far and while I delivered in hospital I went home within four hours and got visited at home after. Fistpumps for sleeping in my own bed.

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