Baby #3 – 12 Weeks

technically 12 1/2 weeks… You know how this goes. Every day counts, man.


Nothing to report, really! This one just feels like normal life is going on and I’m not really all that obsessed? Or worried? Or focused on every little belly twinge or spotting or barfy detail? I don’t know how to describe it except to say that I have absolutely no fear this pregnancy. It’s a really awesome feeling and a HUGE relief. It’s made all the difference, not carrying around the extra stress that I had with the other two pregnancies.

Pregnancy is such a breeding ground for fear, amirite? My heart aches for women who experience loss and others who are just absolutely miserable during their pregnancies. What seems to make everything worse is that we’re actually conditioned to be scared if we DON’T barf every day or feel like junk. Like, I’m feeling great! OH NO SOMETHING MUST BE HORRIBLY WRONG! It’s a cruel mind game, man! All I know is that I’m SO thankful for this free feeling and for my health. I know this baby (girl… prediction officially made) is healthy and thriving and ALIVE.

Also, cheese is a no. I may feel great, but the sight/smell/thought of cheese makes me gag/cry.


6 thoughts on “Baby #3 – 12 Weeks

  1. I think it’s a girl too!! Do you think you’ll find out the gender this time?? I would be far to impatient to wait – I’m the sort of person who has to have everything perfect so I’d want to know what colours to choose and what type of decor I’d want etc lol! Glad your feeling so good and relaxed – wishing you well!

  2. yay!! you look GORGEOUS mama!!!! i hope it is a baby girl. so much more fun in terms of clothing!!!! plus you make those cute hairbands and barrettes!

  3. Aww, you’re so cute! I am also a SAHM blogging mom of 3, so we should definitely be friends! ;) I know exactly what you mean on the worry factor that comes along with being pregnant. I was much better my third time around right up until the end when my daughter started trying to make her debut a little too early. Apparently, you’re not allowed to go through an entire pregnancy without being a bit of a nut.

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