14 Weeks – Baby #3

I have officially reached the stage of “Is she pregnant or is that a beer gut?” You know, where maternity clothes are still too roomy and your pre-pregnancy clothes don’t flatter. Or button. And you kind of expect everyone to just know that you are with child, but not everyone does, nor are they as obsessed with that fact as you are. Sometimes they might kind of get confused and don’t know what to say to you so they just avoid the topic altogether until you find a way to bring it up all nonchalantly in the conversation like, “Oh, I’m just on my way to pick up some lemonade at the store and DID YOU KNOW MY BABY IS THE SIZE OF A LEMON?” And then they’re all, “I thought you might be pregz! Congratz”, but you know that during your entire conversation, they were staring you straight in the eye and pretending to listen, but were really just having an intense inner-struggle over whether or not to bring up your belly.

Or you know, they just didn’t notice because you don’t look that much different yet and you’re just paranoid. (No, YOU’RE paranoid!).

Something I’ve noticed is that maternity clothes are only super cute when you’re not pregnant and happen to be walking by the maternity section. I walked through the section on the regular whenever I wasn’t pregnant and it was the same thing errytime… awww, to have a cute belly and dress it all cute and be all cute! When you’re actually pregnant, it’s NOT THE SAME and everything makes you feel 900 years old and 900 pounds. So I’m trying to stretch out the regular clothes as long as I can.

Enter, this item. I saw this cute-ish metallic-ish sweatshirt and wanted to see if it would work.


I quickly learned it did not. ABORT. ABORT.


After a handful of items that did not fit the bill (and having two melting down children in the dressing room with me) I just went with my cami for the shot.

14 weeks

P.S. The rubber band trick is totally the rage with my pants right now. And it happens to be one of Maddie’s tiny little ponytail holders, so I expect it to snap at any given moment.

6 thoughts on “14 Weeks – Baby #3

  1. Morgan,
    You’d be a perfect homeschooler…you’ve already got engineer-genius children who can make a bunkbed fort in the Target dressing room. And the “bump” already has the rubber band (see? engineer-genius fetus) thing going for it.
    You look wonderful! Seriously…not sure I’ve seen you NOT look wonderful. Are you still eating vegan while you’re pregnant? I’m still PRIMARILY vegan (pathetic, I know) after nearly 3 years. If I ever find that red wine is NOT vegan, then Jesus better be on His way for us coming down from the clouds with a trumpet and all or else!
    – hugs from a meek (ehem) mother of 6.

  2. I am in the same boat!! I am 14 weeks along with #3. It is such an awkward phase! Between my belly bulge and my ever expanding bust clothes are the worst! I am tempted just to wear my workout pants all the time these days!

  3. You put that first photo on instagram and I laughed my butt off. One kid in the bag, one kid deep in the nose, one sweatshirt that isn’t doing the job.

    Thanks for always keeping it real.

    You don’t know how many times I wanted to purchase stuff from the maternity area at Target – I’m always like no one will know, but they will! And furthermore, I just wanted these for thanksgiving shirts or bar shirts – you know you can eat and drink and not fear the bloat… but still, people will know.

  4. Bump photo: at first glance, obviously see Maddie lying on the bench. Then, wait, what is that under the bench?! ;-)

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