41 Weeks and 2 Days

No belly photo this time… just close your eyes and picture a hippo wearing a maxi skirt and I’m sure it’ll be close.


This is all new to me, this waiting game! When I was pregnant with Maddie and was baaaarely a day over my due date, I decided to drink a nice little castor oil cocktail. It sent me right into labor and I had her 12 hours later. And then with Jack, I was induced for no good reason a few days before my due date. So yeah, this is different. I’ve been having tons of false labor start/stops since about 37 weeks, which has been super duper fun and not at all leaving my loved ones sitting on the edge of their seats. I’ve been doing my best not to let impatience get the best of me and just let it happen on it’s own, which is so NOT the way I’m used to operating. It’ll be best in the long run, I truly do believe that.

Honestly though, you know what just plain sucks? Watching as all your friends who were due close to your due date having their babies like, a month ago. Every time I see another one on Facebook give birth, I’m just like Napoleon Dynamite…



For the time being, I’ll just continue bouncing on the exercise ball, hoping it doesn’t explode underneath me while watching One Tree Hill on Netflix and reminding myself that I won’t be pregnant forever. And that my boobs WILL stop growing at some point. (Right? Please tell me I’m right.)

12 thoughts on “41 Weeks and 2 Days

  1. hehehe Love this post despite the fact that you are probably stinkin uncomfortable. I’ll pray for you and a your healthy baby. I hope he/she comes soon and we will get a picture update. Lots of love and happy thoughts to you :)

  2. There is a pressure point on your ankles that can start labor. Do you have any doTerra wellness advocates near you? There are oils you can use for labor delivery and birth! How exciting! Thank you for the update :) prayers going up for you and baby gable!! <3

  3. Ps, I am sure you look fab! (I had #4 8 months ago, your belly pics of Jack were my maternity inspiration!! Also, she was the only one who was stubborn and came right at her due date. I called my hubs crying every day that last week bc I was so uncomfortable. Totally know how u feel. Hang in there mama!!

  4. I went 41w5d with the second, only a few short months ago. I do not wish that s on anyone.. so.. sorry. People keep saying it’ll be over soon, but honestly, it won’t. You’ll be pregnant forever.

  5. Hang in there! I was 9 days late with my son, but it was worth it because my labor was so much easier because my body was ready. I know it sounds weird, but have you tried nipple stimulation? I was so desperate that I worked them like udders and I had him that night. Good luck!

  6. My first 2 came right on their “due” dates. I started having early labor with my 3rd at 34 weeks, he didn’t come until 40 weeks 6 days. hang in there.

  7. I just gave birth to my second back at the end of April and was in the same place you are. I had my daughter, Lucy, 15 days early, and even though I had my membranes stripped with her, I just had this expectation that it was going to be that way this time around, too. I watched eight other ladies that were due around me, some right before, some right after, post pictures on Facebook and had to talk myself off the ledge each time. After the fact, I am able to say he was so worth the wait. He came out all filled out and chunky at 9 pounds, was so alert, and he was a CHAMP at nursing, which wasn’t the case with my daughter. It’s an awesome thing when you just let babies come on their own – they’re actually ready!

    I had a home water birth this time around, and I loved it! Beyond a more relaxed birth experience, my midwife was able to offer amazing emotional support in the end of my pregnancy; I always left her office feeling like I had been to therapy. So excited to hear what your experience is like! Birth without fear, girl.

  8. Wishing you a speedy delivery!

    PS~ the boobs WILL stop growing. After you’ve finished nursing, at which point they will deflate into mere bresticles. Unless you have super-genes. Then I might have to hate you a teensy bit :)

    Love, Mother of 3 (boys)

  9. Hang in there, Miss Morgan! Low back massage and foot massage worked for us when #2 Princess was trying to arrive fashionably later than her due date. I put The Hubs to work as my personal masseur and whaddya know–6 hours later my water broke. Will be praying for you, your sweet family, and all of the folks who’ll be taking care of you! ~Jen

  10. I wanted to check in to see if there was a baby update. I loved this post, you never disappoint. Hoping you are as comfortable as possible in these final days of your pregnancy with this beautiful little one. Happy exercise ball bouncing! xo Erica

  11. Seeing how this was posted 6 days ago and I’m just now commenting on it, I can assume that you are either holed up at home absolutely miserable or (hopefully) snuggling with a newborn!!! I went 14 days over with my first, 7 days with my 2nd, 13 with my third, and then got a lovely surprise when my 4th was “only” 2 days late :) I feel your pain and I can’t wait to see your next post which I’m sure will be introducing the newest member of your family!

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