Ruth’s Birth Story

I seriously thought I’d be pregnant forever. After almost 43 weeks in my belly (yes, you read that right), Ruth Margaret Gable is finally here!

Ruth Margaret Brand New

After that last post I wrote, I was sure I’d be going into labor at any moment. Like I said, since about 37 weeks, I had been having a ton of false labor pains. I’d sit through a few hours of contractions, getting more and more uncomfortable, sometimes I’d make a call or send a text to my midwife to give her a heads up, and then pfffffft. Like clockwork, they’d fizzle out and I’d go to bed with the sads. I had made up my mind since the very beginning though. I wasn’t going to get my little grubby hands involved in any way this time. I wanted my labor to start naturally and to have as little medical intervention as possible. I realize this might not be an option for everyone, so I’m very thankful for the chance to experience pregnancy, labor and delivery in the way I felt the most comfortable and in control as I was able. After two previous forced starts to labor (castor oil and pitocin), I really wanted a different experience. I have to fess up though… I did drink a bit of castor oil somewhere around 41 weeks in a moment of weakness, but most of it immediately came back up and gave me nothing but a bad case of gas for a few hours. Which, let’s be real… wasn’t all that different from every other day of the pregnancy.

On the morning of August 2nd, I woke up feeling a little off.  I was just sort of lounging on the couch all morning watching HGTV and was feeling some period-like cramps, which I pretty much dismissed as another bout of false contractions. I was going to be pregnant forever, remember? Around 11 or so, the four of us got up and around and took a trip to Walmart to get some plumbing parts for our leaky toilet. I said something to Justin about how funny it would be if I was really in labor and didn’t have a working toilet. HAHAHA, SOOOO HILAR.

Walmart was Walmart and I wanted to leave after about 3 minutes. I was more agitated than I had felt in a long time and was still feeling contractions, but I wasn’t quite convinced they were the real deal yet. On to Target we went.

It was about the time the kids were looking at a giant book about Legos that I realized. I timed a good handful of contractions with an app on my phone as we leisurely strolled through Target and they were about 45 seconds and 4 minutes apart. Welp, I guess it’s time to grab that gigantic tub of licorice I’ve been craving and skidaddle.

In the parking lot, I called my midwife. She had checked me out the day before and I dilated to about a 4, but after discussing it and considering all the starts/stops, we decided it’d be okay if she headed out of town to go to her granddaughter’s birthday party for a day. By the time I called her to let her know I thought this could be the real deal, she was already in her car with her husband and on their way. I had a back up midwife lined up if anything like this happened, so I wasn’t really worried. Plus, I kind of still didn’t really believe I was really in labor. I KNOW. Looking back and thinking about how I had to stop and breathe through contractions and how I even passed the makeup aisles without so much as flinching in their direction, HOW COULD I NOT HAVE KNOWN? This is the third time I had done this, for Pete’s sake. It’s almost like I needed it in writing, signed by the President or something.

My midwife suggested I go on home, take a bath and eat some lunch. Usually, relaxing a bit will cause false contractions to ease off, so that’s what we were trying to do. I did what she suggested and while I was in the shower, Justin was scrambling around the house, straightening up and making a bed for me on the couch. He also fixed the toilet at lightning speed and I am forever grateful. He was such an angel throughout this entire thing… More on that later.

So after being home for only about half an hour, I was starting to feel legit pains:


(Apologies if the exposed midriff is causing you to stumble.)

After Justin took that photo, I had to use the bathroom like whoa, so I hung out in there for about 20 minutes (TMI, don’t you love it? Poop and labor = BFF). I could hear him pacing the living room and making some phone calls. My midwife, who was still on her way out of town, gave him the number for the back up midwife. He called her and she was 40 minutes away. Yikes. Next was a phone call to my parents, who were supposed to pick up Maddie and Jack at this point, but they were 2 hours away. Then a call to my doula, who was busy at another birth. I remember leaning on the bathroom counter and Justin came in to tell me that we were on our own for at least the next 40 minutes and we seriously just laughed. During the pregnancy, we talked about what would happen if he had to deliver the baby and they covered it in the home birth class, but we never formally planned for it to ACTUALLY happen. I can’t describe what was going on in my head at that moment, but even though everything I had envisioned was seemingly slipping through my fingers, I somehow knew it was going to turn out more than fine. The peace was indescribable… as were the poop pains. Back to the toilet, brb.

A few minutes later, I emerged a new woman — a woman in honest-to-goodness active labor. I ended up on my knees on the floor in front of the couch, leaning my upper body over the seat cushions. I have no idea how I chose that place to have the baby. I had tossed around a few possibilities beforehand, thinking maybe it would happen in our bedroom or bathroom. The tub, perhaps? Candles lit and relaxing music playing? The fact that I landed in one of the most random spots in the house without any recollection of consciously choosing it proves what I had heard about home birth and your instincts just leading you to settle in the right spot for you to birth the baby. Sounds kumbaya my Lord, but honestly, it did end up being the best place for me to have the baby. By the way, there was no time for candles or music. I labored to the soothing sounds of Jumanji on TV in the next room where my kids were hanging out. Screeching monkeys really puts you in the frame of mind for birthing, FYI.

Justin called my midwife, put her on speaker and set the phone on the couch about a foot from my head. I clearly remember NOT wanting to talk or be helped in any way. I wanted to be done. I screamed, I cried a little, and she calmly coached me through it. She told me to put my pain to good use and bear down through the contractions. Justin was behind me (sorry, honey) and was doing everything my midwife instructed him to do. I’ll spare you some of the details there. Water had started leaking, he was checking for the baby’s head, you get it. I can’t remember exactly what he was doing that whole time, but he was encouraging and sweet throughout it all. And remarkably calm! I felt so safe with him there.

I felt the baby’s head move down at one point, then again during the next contraction. I was like, “ohhh craaaap, this is really happening” and my midwife could tell by my screeching what was going on. The baby was almost out. She said, “Okay, Justin and Morgan. I need you to look in each other’s eyes and agree that you still don’t want to call 911. Are you ready to do this?” Through blurred, mascara-teared eyes, I looked at Justin and we both said “Yes.” I’m sure I looked so hot in that moment. Like, irresistible even. Justin’s expression was the best though. I’ll never forget it. Excited, a little nervous about the unknown, but still confident. And dang cute. I think he looked the cutest he’s ever looked to me on that day.

You guys, it felt like I had to take the biggest poop of my life. I knowww, I’m sorry for the repeated mentions of poop, but it’s honestly what it felt like! The pain in my butt was literal and it was something I hadn’t felt with the previous epidurals. It. Was. Intense. But it didn’t last long.

I pushed once and the baby’s head came out. No time for 911 anyway at that point. Justin held it, as I was still leaning over the couch. Right at that moment, the back up midwife busted through the door, slid across our living room floor while simultaneously snapping on her gloves. It was kind of Matrix-y and awesome how she flew in like that. She put her hands down there to catch the baby as I pushed her out. She passed Ruth through my legs and I held her for the first time. Baby Ruth. She was here and she was perfect!


Don’t be fooled by this picture. This was about 10 minutes after I had Ruth, I totally wasn’t wearing pants and still had to deliver the placenta. Buckets of fun! That part took three flippin hours and was honestly the most painful part. My back up midwife kept saying, “How do you spell relief? P-L-A-C-E-N-T-A” and she was not joking. Getting that thing out was the best feeling ever. Then I could actually take a shower, snuggle my sweet baby and eat some Chipotle.

Our sweet Maddie and Jack were in the next room the entire time, poking their heads in and out to check on me. Maddie even unlocked the door for the midwife and handed Justin a few things during the crazy part of my labor. Justin and I had done our best to prepare them, but I think my screaming kind of took them by surprise. They were incredibly sweet to the baby when she arrived though, and that hasn’t stopped since.



More posts to come, as I’m sure I forgot a few details and I’ll have some questions to answer. I’ll get to that soon. For now, know that we’re in heaven with our family of 5 and are all enjoying every second with our precious Ruthie.



31 thoughts on “Ruth’s Birth Story

  1. I love the feeling where you feel like your going to poop out a watermelon ! It’s so intense and real ! I don’t know if I’ll ever do an epidural but I loved the way that natural childbirthing felt!

  2. She is PRECIOUS!!! Congrats!! Way to go, girl.

    (P.S. I hear you on the whole poop thing- when I started having contractions I didn’t even know to for a few hours, I just thought I had really bad cramps from needing to poop!)

  3. I’ve been waiting to read this post since you said you were going to deliver naturally. I was tearing up a bit and then you mentioned poop again, it was perfect. It is truly amazing what our minds and bodies can handle. You had everything you needed for a magically perfect pregnancy, poop, more poop and all. Thanks for sharing this. Congratulations to you and Justin in adding another beautiful baby to your little family!

  4. This story was real and thank you for it. It makes me reconsider having a fourth baby in our home… vs the hospital. I felt the pain you described in my least natural of births… DHH was induced at 38 wks with pitocin and cyctotec and the epidural failed. I really hurt, but it helped me to know I could handle just about any pain really. So… it makes me wonder if I like my house enough to want to labor in it. Thanks for food for thought! Congrats on third baby.

  5. Hahahah the poop!!!!! I know! It is the best feeling in the world when they actually come out. Feels like the best poop ever! My epidural didn’t work with my second so I felt everything. So much pain and pressure…. Great job with baby Ruth!!!!!! You were amazing and so was the family. What a great hubby and loving siblings! God bless you all and love you!

  6. Oh my gosh!!! That sounded like quite a crazy delivery but it went so smoothly at the same time. She’s absolutely adorable!

  7. Congratulations! She is just perfect! I love this sweet story. What an awesome experience for all involved. SO so awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Thanks Morgan, brings back memories. No I did not have the girls at home, I was in a hospital and both were induced, but all natural no epidural done at all. I did get some Tylenol with the first one at one point, after a day of labor and no results I had a bad headache, That’s what the Tylenol was for . Glad she’s here and all is ok. I see a lot of Maddie in her, yet the eyes re all Jacks.

  9. Ooooh girl, this took me back and made me feel like I was feeling so many of those birthy feelings again lol!
    My natural birth was my favorite and easiest, I wish I could go back in time and do the other two “right.” SO FREEING to just relax and go with the program and let the baby come when they’re ready to come…I was walking around dilated for weeks with Moriah and was 5cm the day before my body decided to kick it into gear and her little booty outta me. Idk if it’s b/c she was my 3rd and my body knew what it was doing this time or what but in the end I was so thankful for all those weeks of prodromal labor bc when push came to shove (quite literally) my job was so much easier! Almost makes me want to have one more baby just to experience it again bc I seriously loved that birth haha :D

    Oh and MAN! Dat placenta tho! That was some real talk right thurr, how come no one talks about how ridiculous it can be to get that sucker out?! It’s like, I JUST had a baby and now you want me to labor through and push out ANOTHER ONE!? And it’s not even cute!!! RUDE.
    And let’s talk about those killer contractual nursing pains, are they not 10x worse with each child? Why, Lord, why?
    But annyyyywho.
    You and Justin make an amazing team, I’m so proud of him for handling things with such ease and grace! What a guy. I was tearing up all over the place while reading this (while simultaneously visualizing all those spots in your house lol!) and then right when I thought I’d actually cry you’d make me snort laugh hah! That’s a Morgan talent, you know. You are pretty damn amazing and God is so good, laddyyyy! I am so glad everything worked out perfectly, even if it did seem a little tense there for a minute (head out! no midwife! MATRIX NINJA MOVES!) I can’t wait to meet your sweet Ruthie girl, every picture you post makes me all mushy for you Gables <3 Love you sweet friend. xo

  10. What a wonderful loving, family, amazing birthing story <3 Yall are precious and can I say that even though I adore your Mom and think you have the cutest kids in the world, I have just fallen a little bit in love with your husband? Love and miss you all.

  11. I am so happy for you guys. What a wonderful and calm way to bring a baby into this world. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Bawling my eyes out! That was the most incredible thing I ever heard. You and Justin are rockstars in my book. The whole story is unbelievable. I’m sooooo insanely delerious for you. xxoo

  13. congratulations!! she is so cute! And the poop, yes, i basically cleaned my system out before we went to the hospital.

  14. I laughed, I cried, I am in awe. You are such an amazing Mama. I admire your courage and trust to do what the Lord created us to do in such a natural way. This is one of the best birth…correction this is THE best birth story I have ever known. Thank you so much for sharing. Also, your hubby is a rockstar and I can only imagine this must have been an enormous bonding experience for an already loving couple. Love you sweet Morgan!

  15. Congratulations! What a courageous mom to go all- natural,well done. I agree with your midwife, delivering the placenta is one big relief that it is finally over!

  16. You are truly a super woman! I had a natural birth (by accident) and to choose that route and stick with it when s**t gets serious, go girl!

    Ruth is the most adorable living room baby ever! Congratulations to you and your sweet family!

  17. Congrats on your expanding family and such a wonderful birth experience. I chose an all natural birth with my first born but it was at the hospital. My 3rd was my worst experience. I’m so happy for you that things went so smoothly. Prayers to you and yours!

  18. So happy for you guys and how awesome of a birth story! I’m glad you got to have the labor you wanted and that you and Justin felt prepared even though the timing was off. You ROCK.

  19. Holy CRAP!!! (Pun totally intended!) What a phenomenal birth story! Major props to you and your hubby! I am just in awe. You rock, mama and Ruth is just to die for! Much love to you and your family!

  20. Wow! That is such an incredible story! You are practically super woman!! You and your husband make the best team and I’m so happy for you and your new family of 5! Seriously… you are amazing.

  21. This. Is. Insane. You and Justin deserve a medal or something. I don’t think I could have done what you did. And I can’t believe the midwife burst through the door right at that moment! Please, someone make this into a movie. I was both grinning insanely and tearing up reading this. Best birth story ever. congratulations on a beautiful little baby girl. Welcome Ruth! You’re pretty cute. And your mom rocks.

  22. This was incredible to read! I went to 42 weeks with my second baby and thought the Guinness Book of world records would be calling any second ;) 43!!! You are amazing! Your description sounds like a perfect birth. I was so hoping to do it at home but my births are better done in a hospital. Thank you so much for letting me live through yours! Congrats!!!

  23. Holy crap, man. (Sorry, another poop reference.) I never read birth stories, but I read every word of this one like it was the last Harry Potter book or something. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU HAD AN ACCIDENTAL HOMEBIRTH, & way to go, & hello, baby Ruthie! <3 You're a champ, & she's gorgeous.

  24. Oh my gosh Morgan this gave me chills! What an absolutely beautiful story! Written with your wit and humor, it just makes for a truly inspirational birthing story. And also…..toilets and labor are so wonderful together. My doctor kept trying to convince to go back to sit down once I had gotten in bed and I was all, yeah, not moving.

  25. Wow that was amazing :D congratulations! I gave birth to my first august 16th. It happened really fast and I barely made it to the hospital, so no epidural.. when I felt the pressure I yelled at my midwife.. I have to pooop!! and she was like no.. that is the baby’s head :) haha.

  26. Thank you for such a funny and honest account of your delivery. As someone who has not yet had children but would like to start a family with my partner you don’t know how sick I am of hearing women sugar coat the experience of child birth by saying it’s just so natural and wonderful and beautiful…. blah blah blah. It’s painful, messy, one of the most physically and emotionally trying things a woman will ever have to do, and it will not be enjoyable the way way eating an entire tub of Bailey’s HäagenDazs is. But as you showed the reward of delivery is mind-blowing. Thanks for preparing me in a much as reading someone elses account can for that crazy terrifying/crazy wonderful experience to come.

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