Too cray or not too cray? That is the question.

Being that I’m semi-new to the whole school mom game, I need to run something by you guys. Give me your honest feedback, okay?

What is truly acceptable behavior for a mom toward her child’s teacher whom she freaking loves? Because like I think I came on a little strong with Maddie’s Kindergarten teacher last year because she is my favorite and I’m afraid it’s going to happen again with her 1st grade teacher.

On the first day last year, Maddie’s teacher sent home this amazingly thoughtful little package with a note ensuring us she’ll be taking care of our sweet child and that there was nothing to worry about. It even had a tissue and tea in it for me to drown my sorrows in during that first day Maddie was gone. I MEAN. That won my heart immediately. This woman is everything. But that’s where things started getting weird.

And by “things”, I mean me.

I was immediately like, “Will you accept this rose and continue this journey with me?”

I spent the remainder of the year trying my hardest not to come across completely insane to this woman, but I have a feeling it was showing through anyway.

I just feel like I look around the campus at the other moms and they’re totally calm and collected while interacting with their kid’s teacher and I’m over here barely holding it together like

I can think back and remember this same pattern of behavior happening my whole life. For example, on the first day of high school, I spotted a girl sitting across the room of English class who seemed so sweet and I immediately tagged her BFF material. Then I WROTE HER A NOTE AND TOLD HER THAT VERY THING. Who does that?? “You’re pretty and nice and you’re my best friend now. See you tonight when I’m staring in your bedroom window, best friend!”

I mean, we did become great friends and still are to this day, so I guess the outward crazy paid off?

(Kristy, I still think you “look like a nice girl”, btw)

I really should just accept that this is the way I am and embrace my people-loving qualities, even if it’s a tad aggressive at times. I should be proud that I haven’t written any teachers a will-you-be-my-BFF-note. That is showing some mighty strong self-restraint and that deserves be celebrated.

A little note to Maddie’s new first grade teacher: I can’t promise I won’t try to hug you at some point in the near future. Shoot, seeing all the hardcore decor in your classroom made me want to run home and bake you a cake of appreciation. But I started eating the frosting out of the tub beforehand so I’ll have to think of something else.

And to Mrs. Favorite Kindergarten Teacher of All Time:

4 thoughts on “Too cray or not too cray? That is the question.

  1. This was fantastic!! As a soon to be teacher, I think as long as you don’t criticize the teacher or tell them what to do, they’ll probably love you right back! Parents that are just thankful for you and great parents are the best. :)

  2. Teachers LOVE to be appreciated. Even if it’s a little nuts. I happen to be FB friends with all of my boys’ past and present teachers, and regularly stalk them LOL. We used to have wine dates…

    I’d suggest involving yourself on campus, like with PTC(PTA?) so you have an excuse to be lurking about campus – its slightly less creepy. LMAO And, PTC is so totally not like on TV. Well, mine isn’t anyway!

  3. You’re fine! Trust me, I’m a teacher and we’re criticized and questioned enough. It’s nice when we feel truly appreciated by the families of our kiddos! Have a great year ;)

  4. HAH I love you…and i think your groupie love is ok! You really can’t “pick” their teachers, so when you strike gold two years in a row, there’s a great reason to celebrate!

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