Breathing new life into this old blog

It’s been so stinkin’ long since I’ve been consistently writing on here, I’m having to spread out some of these more personal posts and not overload you with info and gigantic walls o’ text! I have so much to share, so many ideas and dreams that have been stirring up… I know it’s going to be a great year. I’m sure a lot of people are thinking blogging is dead and like, “What’s the point of spinning your wheels when that ship has sailed?”, but I’m all about reviving this dream of mine! I love to write and I really miss the community of bloggers that were once such a huge part of my life.

Last night, I was thinking about my next hair appointment and what I wanted to do with my hair this time (which, I will probably share at some point, not gonna lie). It reminded me of a time when I would consult the blogosphere before, during and after any major or minor life decision I made. I really did take everyone’s comments and advice very seriously! At certain times, I really lost my identity in it all and was making decisions based on what would get me the most approval… I kind of wasn’t thinking for myself. Just being real here!

Writing again has me realizing all the changes that have gone down in my heart since those days. I’m not saying I can’t or won’t receive advice or that I don’t want to interact with everyone — not at all! — I’m saying the necessary shift that has occurred (and that’s still in process) is that I’m not searching for my identity here on this blog. Or in my relationships. Or in how good or bad at _____ I happen to be. That’s where I was living — my personal success or failure depended on how many comments I received, if I had people’s attention, how I could gain and maintain that level of …whatever. And it was a hard, confusing, terrible place to live, let me tell you.

So this time around, I’m not looking at the numbers. I’m not weighing success by what things look like with my eyeballs. I’m stepping out here in 2016 with a renewed vision for this little old blog and none of it depends on how much praise I receive or how Mrs. Priss compares to other sites out there. I’m stepping out here true to who I am, aiming to grow relationships with you all and to keep learning and stretching along the way. I’ve gotten to know myself again, now I want to get to know YOU again too!

I think I just finally realized that I’m driving in my own lane and at my own speed in this life… there’s no rush, there’s no competition, there’s no pressure. Just room to move forward. And it’s going to be much more fun this way!

5 thoughts on “Breathing new life into this old blog

  1. I understand… I’m glad you’re still blogging!! I’ve always loved keeping up with you and your family. Keep at it! We can take on the internet together, haha!

  2. I’m so there with you! I just started blogging again, found a great community on Facebook, and am keeping it for ME, not for comments, or readers, or whatever. <3 Welcome back!!!

  3. I’m so happy to be able to read more posts! I’ve followed your posts through my first pregnancy in 2010/2011 where I laughed at all the funny pregnancy comments and really “connected” with your story. I remember reading how you decided to stay home after a pregnancy and it gave me pause to re-think my personal choices with that. You are such a witty, funny and humble person. It’s tough being a busy mom and keeping a sense of humor and sense of self. You seem to do an amazing job with it! Thank you for giving others a smile and giggle..and the fun craft ideas :)

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