Currently Crafting: Rustic Flower Box Display

When I’m at Target 7 times a week (exaggerating, but don’t dare me), I can’t help but browse the Dollar Spot and check out the adorable seasonal decor and crafty thingamabobs! I’ve been seeing these Easter themed wood boxes lately. I couldn’t help but to be drawn to the gold and white polka dot details along the sides! I picked it up and saw that it wasn’t a solid block of wood, but it had a hollow back. Since I’ve been making felt succulent boxes lately, I immediately thought of another use for this little guy…

Egg Hunt Block Target Dollar Spot

Mrs Priss DIY Flower Box Repurpose Flip

Mrs Priss DIY Flower Box Repurpose Felt Flowers

I added some felt flowers and a few fake sprigs and I had myself a new display box! It’s a pretty good way to re-purpose something seasonal that you wouldn’t really use the rest of the year. I’m all about finding multiple uses for things… I have been known to put leftover nipple cream from my nursing days on my heels and elbows. I know, my resourcefulness knows no bounds!

Mrs Priss DIY Flower Box Repurpose Baby Fingers

Ruthie was sitting next to me at the dining room table and wanted in on the flower action. She kept saying, “Umm…” and I finally realized I mindlessly say “umm… hmm…” while I’m crafting. UMM weird.

Mrs Priss DIY Flower Box Repurpose Display

So would anyone be interested in a tutorial explaining how I made the flowers? I think I will work on that in the near future!

6 thoughts on “Currently Crafting: Rustic Flower Box Display

  1. Yessss! Before I even read this, I thought “now I need to figure out how to make these.” You have been my felt influencer for years!

  2. ARE YOU SELLING THESE? Like, I could try to make them myself, but I could also just give you money… these are amazing.

  3. Alsooooo, where do you find these pretty felt colors? Hobby lobby’s selection was sub par.

  4. Brie, try Benzie Bazaar on Etsy! They have a great selection. And I think I found that mustard yellow color at Joann’s a few years ago, but it was in the fabric section, not the pre-cut pieces in the kid craft aisle. Hopefully your store has some!

  5. Yes! I’d love a tutorial!

    I’m a brand new reader. I discovered your blog yesterday while researching felt flowers as an idea for Girl Scout SWAPS. (In case you’re not familiar with those, they are little tiny crafts that the scouts trade. My tween is headed to Jamboree this weekend. Yay for glue guns!)

    I came in on your classic felt flowers tutorial and realized that post was from 2010 so I clicked to home to see if your blog was still active and hooray, you’re not an archive blog! I like your sense of humor and your crafting aesthetic so I’m sticking around. Is there a way to subscribe? I haven’t found it yet.

    Also, those fox headbands with the flowers — OOOOH! My tween is gonna flip when I show her that post!

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