Playing Dress Up

We’ve all had those days where we’ve stood, staring blankly into our black hole-of-a-closet, searching desperately for something to wear but had no idea where to start. With the added pressure that comes from being late to work, having loads of errands to run, or my personal favorite – your handsome date is on his way to pick you up – a meltdown is inevitable.

I’ve found that by having a few neutral basics in your wardrobe you can save yourself some of the stress that goes into planning an outfit. Take the basic white t-shirt and jeans, for instance. Worn alone, you may look a bit blah… but by adding a few glamorous touches, you’ll step out of your house looking completely pulled together and fabulous.

Casual Friday

It’s Casual Friday at work, but you don’t want to look dumpy. What to do, what to do… Layer a graphic tank under your t-shirt and top it off with a cute jacket. A pop of color using great shoes, coordinating accessories, and a big fancy bag will have you looking amazing.

Running Errands

Now you have a ton of errands to run — now is not the time to break in those new heels. Cute and comfortable is the way to go! Adorable flats (oh, how I love animal print), minimal accessories, and a practical purse are essential for a day of walking and shopping.

Date Night

Finally, date night is here! Stress can cause bags under your eyes, which isn’t a good look, even for a beauty like you. Pull it together, love! An olive shrug and plum heels coordinate, without looking too matchy-matchy. Be a little fancy with gold and bronze accessories, including a clutch just big enough to hold your lipstick and keys (he’s paying, remember?).

A white tee and jeans doesn’t have to be boring. They can be used as a simple, effortless foundation and will save you so much hassle if you know what you’re doing. Try it out, my lovelies.

Hankie Panky

There are few things that are capable of making you feel as dainty as a handkerchief.

How classy is it to gently wipe your tears (or nose, as even ladies must do) with a lovely cloth hankie, rather than with boring old Kleenex? They are one of the simple luxuries that make life just a little more sweet, and you a little more fabulous.

You’d be surprised at how few people even know what a handkerchief is these days. A teacher I know once sneezed into one in front of her classroom of 3rd graders, to which she was met with quite a few jaw drops and even more confusion.

The shops on offer a variety of adorable hankies, where I found this darling… I get bonus points for the monogram. :)

Some see using handkerchiefs as the environmentally-friendly option, so if you’re a part of the ever-growing Go Green movement, you may want to consider it.

Then again, if being super adorable and environmentally conscious isn’t your thing, you can always rely on the sleeve of your shirt.

Mrs. Priss – The Introduction

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”
Madeleine Albright, Former U.S. Secretary of State

I read that on my Starbucks cup about a week ago. Although Madeleine probably had something a little different in mind when she was quoted, I think my interpretation holds just as much importance.

The way we present ourselves in our dress and demeanor dramatically affect how others perceive and respect us. In a place where sex tapes, nipple slips and flashing your vajayjay gain such undeserving attention, I can’t help but wonder, what ever happened to being a lady? I am in no way perfect, but honey, you will never see my thong sticking out of my jeans (dark wash/wide-legged, all the way), and I will never, EVER flip that rude old lady driver the bird… as much as I would love to.

As someone who appreciates etiquette, good taste, and… fashion (I am a girl, after all), I feel it is my moral obligation to share the love.

To all the muffin tops, mom-jeans, gum smackers and gossip queens…

This blog is for you.