Confessions of a Makeup Addict – Part 2

You can catch more creepy details of my makeup obsession by reading Part 1.

Right. So my makeup routine didn’t seem all that complicated to me until I actually dumped out everything I use on a regular basis and tried to make some sort of sense out of it in order to take a photo and explain to you all what I actually go through each morning. After basically sitting and staring at the pile of stuff for a full ten minutes, my conclusion was this: I put a crap-ton of crap on my face.

Well, okay, let me take that back. I do use several products, but I try my best not to overdo it to the point where  I resemble A) a clown, B) myself from my secretive Spice Girl bedroom makeup sessions of yesteryear or C) any cast member of Jerseylicious. (No, I did not just make that word up and yes, you absolutely should watch the show. It’s a mess and I love it.)

She knows the true meaning of subtle.

I don’t know who is truly interested in hearing about The Crap I Put on My Face, but since I happen to love reading about what everyone’s favorite brands and products are, I took a picture for you…

I will now dissect said photo into extreme and quite annoying detail… for your convenience, of course. Keep in mind I don’t use every single one of these all at once, but tend to alternate them according to how skanked-up I prefer to look that day.

Just kidding. Enjoy. (Prices are approximate)

  1. Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer – $16: When I first heard of skin primers, I thought it was the biggest waste of time and money EVER. Why add an extra step to your makeup routine in the morning when you’re already so busy? Then I was given a sample of this Smashbox primer at Sephora and was completely converted. It’s really quick and easy to apply and you don’t have to be precise with a brush or anything like that, but it makes your foundation stay-freaking-put. It’s probably my favorite thing in the photo.
  2. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse – $8: I always try out different foundations, but just keep coming back to this one. It goes on smooth and covers really well. Two chubby pregnant thumbs up.
  3. Sonia Kashuk Bronzer – $10: This brand is actually pretty inexpensive and you can find it at Target. I don’t wear bronzer very often and am honestly trying my best to embrace my God-given whiteness. However, when I do feel too pale in the face and just can’t take it any more, this helps a ton.
  4. Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Concealer – $18: Ashley from Our Little Apartment turned me on to this stuff a few weeks ago. THANK YOU, ASHLEYYYY! I have major dark circle issues under my eyes and this stuff works like magic and feels like buttah.
  5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector – $7: The name is a mouthful, but it’s basically just a 2 in 1 concealer for blemishes and a highlight. On my particularly haggard days (meaning, every day since June), a little bit of the highlight strategically placed makes my skin look so much brighter. Not sparkly, just brighter.
  6. NARS Blush in Super Orgasm – $26: Their plain old “Orgasm” is a great shade too. Obviously.
  7. Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Peach – $22: Cream blushes are really natural and look more dewy than powder does. I don’t use this every single day (more so in the summer), but the color is great.
  8. Sephora Matifying Foundation – $20: Again, I don’t use this every day or with all the other skin products I’ve mentioned so far, but when I’m in a hurry, this stuff is perfect. It has great coverage and comes with a sponge, so it applies like a compact powder.
  9. Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara – $5: My eyes water like no one’s business, so waterproof it is. This mascara doesn’t clump up on me at all. I like.
  10. (Three of my favorite lip products right now) Maybelline Color Sensational Pearl Lipstick in Pearly Pink – $5, MAC Lipgelee in Bubble Lounge – $14.50, & MAC Lipglass in Nymphette – $14.50. Sometimes I wear them alone and other times I layer two of them at once. Love love love.
  11. MAC Eyeshadows in Mystery, Woodwinked, Club, Gleam, Shale & Sable – $14.50 each. It was hard to choose my favorites because all MAC eyeshadows are amazing. They stay in place all day and are really pigmented. Just talking about them makes me want to go back to the mall and get another one or five. I have issues.
  12. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack – $15: I know this sounds stupidly dramatic, but gel eyeliner has changed my life. I used to use a pencil, but it would melt off in a few hours and I’d end up reapplying over and over again throughout the day. Not a fan of the maintenance. With gels, you apply it with a small angled brush (I use this one from Sephora) and it seriously is not as much work as it sounds. Okay, maybe at first while you get the hang of using the brush, but it is totally worth it because IT STAYS. 

Okay, DONE. Now have you tried any of these and loved them as well? Hated any? What are your go-to products? If you happen to do a post on your own blog about your makeup routine, please feel free to link to it in the comments. I’d love to know that I’m not the only one with a ridiculous makeup obsession.

Confessions of a Makeup Addict – Part 1

I have an addiction. A problem. An obsession. I can’t seem to walk past the MAC counter without snatching up a new eyeshadow.

It doesn’t matter if I have a grumpy toddler in tow or if I’m so hungry I could gnaw off my own arm; that is one stop I just can’t pass up. Don’t get me wrong, the lipsticks are fantastic and the glosses make me swoon pretty hard as well. I don’t discriminate, yo. It’s just all those eyeshadows… they really do a number on me.

One of the great things about MAC is that you can bring in 6 empty containers and trade them in for a lipstick/gloss/shadow. No joke, I just traded in 12 old eyeshadow pots and 6 lipgloss tubes for some new FREE stuff. It’s truly an amazing thing.

After I cleared out the empty containers, I saw that I didn't have nearly as much stuff as I thought. Must fix this immediately.

One of the first memories where I can recall being a little crazy about makeup was in 7th grade, when I actually wasn’t even allowed to wear any yet. I had this box of Avon stuff that my great-grandma had given me and I kept it hidden under my bed. When I was done with my homework I’d sneak into my room, close my bedroom door, turn on The Spice Girls and paint the living crap out of my face. (Do you love how creepily secretive I was about it? You’d think I was popping pills or something. ISSUES.) Glitter may have been involved. And since we’re being honest, there was usually about 3lbs of icy blue eyeshadow on each eye. Hot mess.

One time I even managed to sneak out of the house and make it to youth group with purple sparkles all over my eyes and cheeks, clumpy mascara on my lashes and frosty pink lipgloss. My mom noticed when I got home and proceeded to ground me from my box of sparkly makeup happiness. I never saw it again.

Thanks a lot, Mom. No, I’m serious.

Recently, I’ve become quite addicted to watching hair and makeup tutorials on Youtube, with Pixiwoo being one of my absolute favorites. You have to check these sisters out. They have the most adorable accents in the world and do such amazing makeup tutorials. I’ll seriously sit and watch them for hours with my giant bag of hot cheetos while soaking up all the info because I’m THAT big of a weirdo.

…ANYWAY. Breaking up the awkward silence. That’s just a glimpse into my weirdness. In Part 2, I’ll show you guys the products I use nearly every day. I use a good mix of drugstore brands and some higher end stuff and omg I’ll stop talking now before you all run away in fear.

The Blonde Celebrity Perfume Fairy Strikes Again

Back when no one read my blog except my mom and Stephanie and occasionally Justin (but only when I bribed him with a home cooked meal), I posted this little gem. Go read it, be all, this chick is a ri-tard… Who says ‘hoochie’? Get with the times, woman, Gah. “, and come back here. I’ll wait.

So apparently I have a thing for celeb perfumes of the Rite-Aid variety. I know. I’m so 13 and trying to be one of the cool kids who doesn’t wear perfume that came from their Great-Grandma’s endless supply of Avon she keeps in her garage and gives to them in a huge overflowing bag every Christmas.

Except, oh yeah… I am that kid.


Grandma got it right this year though, oh yes she did. In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon may be Avon, and I may die a little inside every time I spray it on my wrist, but MAN, do I smell amazing. When I put it on this morning, I looked up into the mirror and I was doing that pose Reese is doing in that picture at myself. I couldn’t help it.

People are even treating me differently, it’s crazy. Like this morning on my way to work, the guy standing at the corner totally let me make that right hand turn before he started walking across the street. They NEVER do that, selfish pedestrians! We may not have have made eye contact and he probably couldn’t smell me, but still… he knew what was up.

And let’s not ignore the fact that the bottle is freaking adorable. It’s the important things, people.

I acknowledge the odd way I automatically fall in love with every perfume that comes out as long as it’s named after a celebrity who is blonde and I’m slowly learning how to deal. Kind of like Mandy Moore in that one movie, minus the all the depressing crap that happens to her and her pregnant friend… and definitely minus the hair.

mandy moore OW my eyes

…and face.  Okay, basically if Mandy Moore’s character smelled amazing in addition to having the ability to dazzle the universe with her sparkling looks and personality, we’d be more on the same page. Sorry, Mandles.

Waste Not…

The other night I was rummaging through my nightstand in search of some lotion. See, this is one of my weird rituals. I absolutely can’t go to sleep until I put lotion on my elbows and feet.

Anyway, for the life of me I could NOT find my lotion. I was already in bed with the lights off and I didn’t want to get back up again, so I did what any other thinking person would do it my situation…

lansinoh… slathered on some of the old leftover nipple cream from when I was nursing that I found in the drawer.

Call me lazy, gross, disturbed, whatever… but I am a flipping resourceful genius. I woke up the next morning with some of the smoothest heels and elbows EVER.  And the best part? If your baby decides they want to suck on your foot for whatever reason, it’s completely safe for them to do so.

I know. Awesome.

Teal Nail Polish Trend

So, I can’t decide whether I approve of the teal polish trend that’s omg sooooo in right now or not. I think it’s one of those things where one random person decided to wear it, it was photographed, Lauren Conrad felt the need to join in, then everyone was all nuts about it (remember the purple last year?).

As reluctant as I am to buy into every new (and sometimes silly) trend, I did pick up a bottle today to try out. It will only go on my toes, since, you know… teal fingernails on the receptionist doesn’t exactly scream “professional”.


Well, what do you know?! LC has blue toes.


The Glamourai (anyone know her real name?) prances around in cute/terrifying shoes and blue toes.


Maybe it was just Suri who started it all. Who knows.

What do you think about it? Weird? Cute? Eh?