Holiday weekend giveaway!

It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a giveaway for all you lovely girls and I think it’s about time! Justin and the kids are all taking a nap, so I’m in good spirits on this fabulous Saturday afternoon! :)

mrspriss_little lovelies giveaway

To win this headband, visit the Little Lovelies shop and leave a comment on this post, telling me what your favorite item is. If you don’t see anything you like, give me a suggestion for something new! If you’re a douche about it (because there is a douche who keeps sending me weird emails), I will hunt you down and punch you in the throat.

This giveaway closes on Monday evening at 11:59pm PST. Good luck!

Review & Giveaway: Braun Silk-épil 5

In my last post, I talked a little about my current favorite beauty products. Among the photos of lipstick and nail polish, you might have noticed this contraption called the Braun Silk-épil 5.

I know epilators have been around for a while and most people know what they are and how they work, but when mine arrived in the mail I really had no idea what to expect. I believed the epilator was going to remove my hair swiftly and painlessly, then immediately transport me to an exotic island where I would dance along the shore in a white fluttery dress and  jump into the arms of Fabio circa 1990.  And he would love me forever because of my goddess-like soft legs.

Okay, I lied. To be completely honest, I watched the product video and read all about it. I was so excited before I tried it out, but at the mention of “40 tweezers”, I went into a state of complete denial. I’m possibly the biggest wimp in the continental U.S., so prancing on the beach with Fabio was my coping mechanism. It was a good thing though because I didn’t wimp out. As soon as I actually tried it, I realized how truly awesome it is.

Are you wimping out? I can feel you wimping out. Stay with me, here! Those 40 tweezers may seem intimidating, but they work some crazy magic, let me tell you. It took me about 10 minutes to do my legs and though it was a little uncomfortable at first, they stayed smooth for 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS. Shaving my legs is at the top of  my Most Annoying Things list and I’ve loathed the process since I was 11 years old, so I appreciate this greatly.

What does it feel like, you ask? The closest thing I can compare it to is when someone snaps you with a rubberband, except it would be a much lighter snap and would be reaching speeds close to 20,000 mph. More like, if a rubberband… who just had 10 shots of espresso… gave you butterfly kisses. Hmmyes, that’s pretty accurate. Epilating feels like highly caffeinated rubberband butterfly kisses. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE SHUT UP I’M NEW TO THIS SORT OF THING OKAY.

But really though, this product is very well made and it’s obvious the Epilator Department (the official title) over at Braun really thought things through. It comes with an ice pack cooling glove to soothe your skin after your hair is plucked from your body at warp speed, shaving and trimming attachments and a carrying pouch for all your goodies. Plus, it’s white and pink and adorable. Nothing more to say there. Go to Braun’s site for a detailed list of the Silk-épil 5 features.

To enter this giveaway:

Comments are now closed and the winner has been contacted. Congratulations, Brittany Cowdell! Thank you to everyone for participating!! 

Come on, girls. Do it for Fabio.

Win a monster for your little monster!

I had big plans for this post. I was going to sit down with my little angels and have ourselves a cute photoshoot, showing you all a product that our family loves. But as usual, the kids didn’t cooperate. Jack is either pointing at the fan or trying to pull his sister’s hair and Maddie’s making some sort of silly face or not sitting ladylike in her dress. We decided to just roll with it.

In the end, it was perfect and a bit poetic because my kids were being absolute monsters… which is exactly what I’m giving away!

North American Bear Co. contacted me a few months ago and offered to send one of their adorable monster dolls to one of my readers. My kids have never been big stuffed animal fans, but there’s just something about these silly dolls that have made them converts. Maddie and Jack drag them ALL around the house. I’m pretty sure Jack is gnawing on one as we speak. He’s special.

I just really love how quirky they are! Come to find out, they are part of a line of dolls called Make My Own Monster.  So our two monsters were made from actual drawings and they came with a little story the child wrote about them. So awesome.

So are you ready to win a monster of your choice?  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. I will accept entries until Wednesday, February 28th at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. I’ll contact the winner via email.

Good luck!

Pinterest Partayy Roundup! Be prepared for extreme awesomeness.

I’m SO sorry for being nearly a week late on this, guys. Let’s just get right down to business and take a look at the awesome projects we all completed!

Here’s mine:

A wonky doormat! I kind of love it, though it weighs about 80lbs (or the amount of exactly 3 Posh Spices).

Here’s what YOU made:

A truly mindblowing bedroom makeoverGoogiemomma

An adorable yarn wreath with the cutest red flowers EVA – Ramblings and Such

Cross-stitch iPhone case (THE CUTENESS IS KILLING ME) – Daylight Rising

Recipe: Yummy home made pizza rollsThat Thing Called Life

A magnetic board  (I LOVE THE CHEVRON!) – The Self Life

A Ruler Growth Chart (next on my crafty list) – It’s a TenHarmsel Trio

An sweet Button MonogramPlanning365

A Beaded Chevron Necklace TutorialDIT&O

A Super Hero Cape for those little superheroes in your life – Rhinestone Raindrops

A striped entry wall (done by my friend Natali & it looks even more amazing in person!) – The Thinking Blonde

A towel bar for the kitchen islandMs. Redo

A pretty rosette yarn wreathA Day in the Life…

Maps of Love (to document where you’ve traveled with your significant other) – Krug the Thinker

Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar SaladMiss D, Living Simply!

Roman Blinds with adorable fabric! (another on my to-do list!) – Home Sweet Haselton

Rope Doorstop (I NEED) – Jennifer Baker

A cute cute cuuute Rag QuiltOCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder

DIY Spray Paint Artwork  – Myers Maison

Recipe: Chile Relleno CasseroleCreative Mammas

Build your own tents for your kid’s roomA Nest for all Seasons

Recipe: Cheddar Baked ChickenTales of a Library Lady


Was I kidding when I said ‘extreme awesomeness”?? Yeah, I know. These ladies KILLED the challenge. I am so proud!

Thank you guys SO much for making this party a success! You didn’t make me look stupid, so I pretty much love you forever and ever. Amen.