Mess-Free Art Projects for Toddlers

Okay, I changed the title from “kids” to “toddlers”. This does work well for smaller kids who can still be ‘tricked’ though. :)

If you’re like me, you are probably crazy. It’s okay, friend.

I have major anxiety issues when it comes to the messes my kids make. I’m working very hard on breaking free of this, trust me. I know it’s not fair to keep them from doing what kids do and I definitely don’t want to stifle their creativity. But for those days when they want to paint and I don’t necessarily want to stress and hover over them during the entire process to make sure paint isn’t getting everywhere, this quick and easy project is a savior.

(It’s not the most exciting kid project in all the universe, but for days when mom is sick, HALLELUJAH!)






I seriously need more things like this in my life if I ever expect to live to 30.

For the slightly older kids who know this isn’t actually painting, have them throw some glitter in the bag with the paint and tell them to squish it around and make some galaxy art. Hey, whatever works!

Tutorial: Felt Fringe Flowers

It’s been a minute since I’ve done any felt flower tutorials and I’ve been sitting on this one for almost two years. WUT. It’s very similar to my Pom Pom Flower Thingamabobs, so if you’ve ever made those, this will be a breeze!


Make the centers:


Cut thin strips of felt to use as the center of your flowers. I never use any real measurement on this part, but for reference, I’d say they’re about as long as your finger. Well, a normal finger. If you have man hands, well… I’m sorry and good luck to you, my friend.

Roll the little strip of felt like you would a sleeping bag, dabbing glue along the way to keep it secure.


There you go! Okay, those look like crap, but you get the idea.

First variation:


Cut a strip of felt 10″x2″ or something close to that. The measurements really don’t matter because you’ll be trimming it all down at the end. If you want a larger flower though, increase the length.

Cut little notches along the length of the felt, leaving a good 1/2″ intact on one side.


Take one of your little flower centers you made earlier and glue it to one end of your fringe, on the section of felt where you didn’t cut notches.

Continue rolling the fringe strip around your center piece, dabbing bits of glue along the way to hold it all in place. Now don’t freak out on this next part…


This freakishly hideous thing you see right now is completely normal. This is the part where you take your scissors and trim all the little fringe-petal-thingies until they look right to you.


Second variation:


This version is pretty much identical to the blue flower. The only difference is that I made thinner cuts for the fringe.


Again, I trimmed the petals up after the rolling/gluing step. The result is just a smaller, more compact flower. Perfect for hair clips and headbands, I might add.

This would take a little extra time, but you could also cut the tips of the petals into different shapes instead of this blunt version. You could round them, trim them to a point, cut at a 45 degree angle… I’ve done pretty much every possibility and they all end up adorable!

Third variation:

This is a fringe flower without the center piece.


Take your strip of felt and fold it in half, hot dog-way. #momlife

As you’re holding the folded felt, cut your notches along the length of the strip as you did before. You’ll be cutting through two layers of felt.


I do it this way, but feel free to dab a little glue along the middle before you fold it in half. It will hold in place a little better, but you just risk getting glue in the way when you’re cutting the fringe.


Say hello to the blurriest photo of all time.

Remember, “roll like a sleeping bag”? Well we’re doing it again. This time, your felt is doubled up (still folded in half) to make a fuller flower in half the time.



A little more shabby than the other variations, but still cute!

Let me know if you ladies find this tutorial useful! Enjoy!

Simple Solutions for Organizing Jewelry

My girl loves her necklaces. And her mama loves her necklaces. I mean, her mama loves her own necklaces. I love hers too, but I was referring to mine. OKAY, we both love our own necklaces and each others necklaces. There.

So what does a chunky necklace-obsessed person do when their collection starts overflowing into multiple rooms of their home?

BAM. Ikea, son!

We found a few simple fixes for our necklace issues. For Maddie, this little knob rack did the trick:

It’s available for $6.99 and now holds all her cute little girly things up and out of the way. Most importantly, it keeps them out of Jack’s reach. He likes to throw things in toilets.

For me, I took the advice of my favorite YouTubers, Michelle Money and Laura, and used this $10 solution:

(Video here.)

Those rods and hanging baskets are my new favorite thing in the world. I’m preeeetty sure they were intended for kitchen use, but they work perfectly for jewelry organization. In the basket, I have a few cute little cups to hold my most used rings and earrings. The apothecary jar below has all my bangles and the little green vintage glass box has some of my daintier bracelets and watches inside. It all sits on top of a big standing jewelry cupboard that holds more crap. But hey, it’s all contained to one corner of my bedroom, which is a muuuuch better set up than before!

DIY: Geometric Paper Art

Happy Halloween to all my little pumpkin heads!

Soooo, instead of putting the finishing touches on our costumes like I should have been doing all afternoon, I’ve been doing a little procrastinatory paper crafting. Makes perfect sense to wait until 4:00 on Halloween to put together a costume, doesn’t it? I’m not adding unnecessary stress to my life at all!

I’m sure you all have seen the adorable Patch NYC line of home goods at Target.

I drool. I die.

Every time I’m in Target (which is 5x a week, basically), I walk down that aisle and lovingly pet each item. I WANT IT ALL. For the time being, I just decided to bring a little bit of that geometric goodness into my home by way of DIY. This isn’t much of a tutorial, just a quick little explanation of what I did to recreate that triangle pattern and make a little piece of wall art.

Yeah, that Instagram photo is really blurry and horrible, I am aware!

I had cardstock in green, white, brown and black. I cut 2×2″ squares of each color, then cut those squares in half to make triangles. Arranging the pattern was simple because there was really no rhyme or reason to the original pattern. Using a glue stick, I adhered all the triangles to a large black piece of cardstock and voila! Simple as can be.

I hope you all have a fun and safe and ultra fattening evening! xo


Rage Crafting

This morning was the first time in many, many moons that I had the crafty bug. I don’t know what happened to me in the past several months, but g’lawd, being creative just wasn’t happening. Actually, no. I do know what happened. Pinterest happened. I blame Pinterest for all my crafty sadnesses. Everyone can do everything nowadays and there just aren’t many original ideas left. It kind of bums me out, to be honest. It’s like, really? What’s the point of doing tutorials when 800 other bloggers are doing the same thing, but better, and with prettier hair and red lipstick while posing next to a brick wall with graffiti on it? Womp womp, single tear, playing world’s saddest song on world’s smallest violin.

I’m over the expectations Pinterest puts on us, though, I really am. I want to punch them all in the throat. Not the people doing the awesome things, necessarily, just the awesome things. And the awesome photos of the awesome things. And the awesome lighting and awesome angles in the awesome photos of the awesome things. On that note, how is everyone such a great photographer all of a sudden?? Was there a class I missed? And how does everyone have perfect sparkle nails?? I want perfect sparkle nails. And confession: I can’t actually do a fishtail braid. I practice a lot, too. This is upsetting to me. I also can’t sew myself a dress in 10 minutes or sew at all. I cry when I try. This post is getting out of hand.

(Back to my point…)

But you know what? Pinterest can suck a monkey’s nut. Sorry I just said that, Grandma, but it can. I just made 8,000 more useless felt flowers, hair bows my kid doesn’t need, and ANOTHER yarn wreath 3 years after it was the cool thing to do. Because I can. It doesn’t have to be new or super orig… I just have to stop pouting and keep on making stuff. I have a glue gun and an order to squeeze the trigger at will.

That just sounded like a speech. Was that a speech? Can you tell I’m PMS’ing a little? Send the Midol and some Meg Ryan movies.