Tutorial: Anthropologie Inspired Headband

This was originally a guest post I wrote for Kojo Designs

Anthropologie is such an amazing store. I instantly fell in love with this Pipe Cleaner headband on their website, but who wants to spend nearly $40 when you can make it yourself for SO much less? NOT THIS CHICK.


1. Jewelry Wire

2. A thin headband

3. 1 1/2 yards of velvet piping (by the yard at Joann’s)

(All supplies found at Joann’s for under $10)


Slip the velvet piping over one end of the headband and slide it until you reach the other end. I was surprised at how easy this was.

Secure each end with a dab of glue. Pinch until it dries.

Using a the remaining yard or so of piping, slide one end of the jewelry wire through. I found that bending the end of the wire upon itself made this process a whole lot easier!

Now you have wired, bendable piping, so let’s make ourselves a fancy schmancy bow!

This bow will resemble a double figure 8 when we’re finished. To start, make a single loop as shown in the photo and use the jewelry wire to pinch it in place. Feel free to glue it if you’re paranoid about it falling apart. I won’t judge your OCD, I promise.

Continue the figure 8 pattern by bringing the piping back around to the center point.

Repeat the process to make a slightly smaller bow on top of the first one. Keep holding it in place with your thumb, sister. We’re almost there!

Leave that straggling piece of velvet where it is for now. Take some jewelry wire and tightly wrap the center of the bow to hold it all together. When a problem comes along, you must wrap it. Now wrap it. Wrap it GOOD.

It’s been a long day, sorry ladies.

Find a good spot on your headband to place your bow. Where are my OCD gluers? Glue that baby down to the headband.

Take that extra piece of velvet I mentioned and wrap it around the center to cover the jewelry wire.  I wrapped mine twice, but you don’t have to do exactly what I do. (Unless, of course, you want to be awesome.) Now trim it and glue the end in place on the back side of the bow.

You’re done! That wasn’t too bad, right?

Quick DIY: Mickey Mason Jar Centerpiece

Hello, lovely faces!

Over the weekend, I came up with a simple centerpiece idea for a Mickey Mouse themed baby shower. I pretty much just used the supplies I had on hand and –> FAIL <-– didn’t take photos of the process, but it’s easy enough to explain.

Materials for base:

  • A mason jar
  • Red filler (Red Hots, red M&M’s, Hot Tamales are great candy options) – BUY ENOUGH SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO IMPROVISE WITH TISSUE PAPER, MMK?
  • Two white buttons

Materials for Mickey’s head:

  • Go chop off Mickey Mouse’s head… if you laughed, you need help.
  • 1 Large Styrofoam ball
  • 2 Small Styrofoam balls
  • 1 wooden dowel
  • 2 toothpicks
  • Black paint & brush (I used acrylic craft paint)
  • Glue


  1. Paint the Styrofoam balls black and allow to dry for a few hours.
  2. Stick the dowel in the large Styrofoam ball. If it wiggles around too much, use some glue to secure it inside the “head”.
  3. Put a toothpick inside each smaller Styrofoam ball and stick them into the larger one to form a head with ears.
  4. Fill the mason jar with red candy (or whatever your brilliant little mind came up with) and stick the dowel in the center. My mason jars were on the smallish side, so I had to saw the dowel in half for this to work. Also, I ran out of Red Hots and since the party was 2 hours away, I improvised with red tissue paper for the top portion. YOU DON’T HAVE TO. It looks cheesy, dude. I’m aware.
  5. Glue the two white buttons on the front of the jar.

I think if I had more time, these would’ve turned out better. Can you imagine how cute a Minnie one would be? A bow on top? Adding little skirt somehow? STOPPIT RIGHT NOW.

(Also, the chevron towel is from Target. I saw you eyeballin’ it.)

Tutorial: Rolled felt flowers (no sew!)

Hey there, purdy lady. I have a fun little tutorial for you. Remember my felt rosette tutorial from a while back? The one where I said to cut a spiral in the felt and roll it up like a sleeping bag? Well, this flower is basically the same…



  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

Cut a decent sized square of felt.

Cut a spiral with a scalloped edge. Trust me, it seems harder than it really is.


Take the outside edge of the spiral and start rolling it up tightly. Dab glue along the inside edge as your rolling to hold all the layers in place. If you need a better explanation, see the simpler rosette tutorial.

Finish the flower with a nice little dab of glue and voila!

Now if you want to make a larger flower, just repeat the process. Cut a new spiral with a scalloped edge, but instead of rolling it into it’s own flower, glue the outside edge to your first flower and continue rolling. I sure hope that makes sense… brain is hurty after a long day.

Here’s a single, double and triple sized. I was about to seriously carried away with the large one and had to reel myself in before it ended up being the size of my face.

You could technically start with a larger square of felt to end up with a larger flower, but sometimes I like to make things difficult for no reason at all, sooooooo. Yeah. It works for me to do it this way though!

And this is what it looks like when you start making a bunch of random flowers for a wreath, but don’t have a wreath to put them on. Hair clips, perhaps?

DIY – Super Simple Pumpkin Decor (which may or may not require something from your bathroom)

You saw that right… TOILET PAPER pumpkins. :) Don’t be grossed out… no one will be able to tell what’s in these little cuties by the time you’re finished.


  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Fat quarter of fabric
  • A few sheets of tissue paper (or one sheet of newspaper would do)
  • I forgot to include this in the photo, but a stick of wood, about 8 inches long.
  • Optional: Ribbon to tie around the stem. I didn’t end up using it, so just pretend it’s not in the photo. :)
First things first: smash your toilet paper roll. And no, I didn’t coordinate my bracelets to the fabric JUST for this photoshoot. How dare you think that.
(I did.)
Next, you’ll need to place the toilet paper roll in the center of the tissue paper. Start wrapping the tissue over the roll and tucking the edges into the center. I found it helpful to start with the shorter sides first, then ended with the corners… it stays put that way.
When you’re finished wrapping the roll in tissue paper, repeat the process with your fabric. You can secure it with hot glue if it’s not laying properly, but really, messy is totally acceptable. That’s what I tell myself to keep my OCD in check.
Now take a stick (which I didn’t include in the supplies shot because I hadn’t yet snatched a branch from our neighbors tree) and jam it in the center. It might take some wiggling, but once it’s in there, the fabric will hold pretty well.
Now that took you a total of what, 5 minutes, not including the time it took you to sneak into your neighbors yard and steal a tree limb, right? SO EASY. :)