Weekend Dollar Tree Finds

I’ve been noticing that the Dollar Tree has been surprisingly on point with some items lately. Today, I stopped by to pick up a few hair things and saw some blog-worthy deals…

makeup organization

makeup organization 2

I LOVE makeup organization! Like, a lot. These are obviously not the most amazing quality plastic boxes in the universe, but when I saw them I immediately started dreaming of how my lipstick collection would look all perfectly lined and stacked and I got lost in the wonder of it all. You could use them for a jillion other things I’m sure, but I just happen to think makeup, makeup brushes, hair accessories and all my paint brushes. Really good deal there!


I noticed a few months ago that my store started carrying these little framed art prints. They come out with new designs every so often and I have to say, for a buck, they’re not bad! If you’re looking to create a gallery wall, or need some art for your bathroom, nursery, etc., check it out!

love is in the air

life is beautiful

courage to pursue

(ignore my nub thumb)


Pretty cute!

They also had a great Easter section — a lot of cute things for making a basket. And the fake flower selection is superb, if I may say so. I just happen to be on the lookout for certain things when I’m in a crafty mood, so when I see a big pretty colorful selection of flowers for $1 a bunch, it makes my heart go pitter patter. Wreaths, hair clips, centerpieces, so many possibilities.

I hope you all can find some fun stuff at your local dollar stores! Do any of you have any other good finds to share?

DIY: Simple & Inexpensive Wall Decor Makeover

Hi beauties. I wanted to share an idea for a quick and easy project! My sister in law Megan has THE cutest, most fabulously decorated house I’ve ever seen. You look around and can tell that she has given each little nook of that place her creative attention. One thing I love in her adorable home is this gallery in the dining room. The art in the frames is all coordinating… that’s one thing I always try to do, but I tend to pick up things here and there and sometimes have trouble making all the pieces look well together.

Well Megan told me her secret to filling the frames and I’m about to pass it along to you!

Calendars! Rifle Paper calendars, to be exact. I already had three frames I found for a few dollars each at Ikea in my living room and had been itching to fill them with something new. So I ordered a calendar online and got to work.

Calendar Art Before

Rifle Paper Folk Calendar

Calendar Art After

Not bad! It took a whole 5 minutes and just a few dollars to freshen up the look of our living room. And kitchen. And bathroom. Not gonna lie, there are 13 useable pages in that calendar, including the cover, and you better believe I milked that thing dry.

Rifle Alice Wonderland Calendar Cover

Go shopping! This Alice calendar is only $13 right now. I am almost tempted to get it and put a bunch of them in Ruthie’s room above her crib!

Rifle Paper Alice Wonderland Calendar

Thanks for the idea, Meg. You’ve created a monster. :)


A simple tip to stretch the life of your favorite candles

As I mentioned before, I really love candles. But there’s this one thing that everyone knows — they don’t last forever. There are certain seasonal scents that are hard to find during the rest of the year and it makes me want to ugly cry when those beloved candles burn down a sad little puddle. Bath and Body Works comes out with Marshmallow Fireside in the fall and man, I really fell in love with it recently. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye!

Candle empty

One day, I noticed the wick was dangerously close to burning out so I grabbed the thing and poured the hot melted wax into some of my old wax melt molds. It filled up about half of the thing!

wax melts 2

This might be a well-known tip already, but man I sure got really excited when I realized I didn’t have to just throw away and waste that last little bit of wax that was left in the bottom. Now I just pop a few of the wax melts into my warmer and BAM! The memory of my favorite candle lives on. Who knows how many more hours I’ll get out of this thing.

Something else: If you have a little bit of wax left in a burned out candle you want to save, but the wax is already hardened, put the whole candle in the freezer for a while. Then get a butter knife and pop the wax out. It won’t be shaped in cute little molded cubes, but they’ll just melt right down anyway.

So go grab that nearly-gone Volcano candle you only use on special occasions because it’s the most amazing smell in the universe and stretch it’s life out a little longer!