A Visit with Auntie Steph

A few weeks ago, Steph and Cale came to visit. She was so sweet to bring her camera and take some freaking adorable pictures for us!


I'm Super Cheese, but I still like it. :)
Auntie :) I have no idea what Madeline's doing.
Anyone want some Waffle Crisp? Lord, I need to clean my kitchen.

See? It's bigger than her head!!

Cale and Justin were obviously very into our photoshoot.
Steph, Me, and my blender

Thank you, Mrs. Corwin. :)

Back at Work: Day 1

I’m surprisingly keeping my stuff together over here. I haven’t cried once, which supposedly happens when new moms go back. Does that mean I have no soul? Because I’m sure I could muster up a nice batch of tears if I really wanted to… all it would take is one peek down my shirt. Pass.

Did I really just say that I miss my old girls more than my daughter? Who am I?

It’s so not true, by the way. I’ve spent about 3 of the last 4 hours watching this video because I miss her so freaking much:

Anyone catch the title’s reference? I’ll give you a cookie if you can name the movie. :)

About Chesticles

That’s it. I’m officially disowning my boobs.

(Can I even call them mine anymore? They seem to be owned and controlled by a tiny, bald crying person.)

Let me tell you why, my friends…

1. If it weren’t for the ample space they now take up, I would be able to fit into most of my pre-pregnancy tops. Now I’m having to slowly restock my closet because I have about two shirts I just keep cycling through. Not that shopping for new clothes is a bad thing…

2. …But it’s sort of becoming a pain. I can’t just walk up and grab any old Medium top like I used to. I have to actually try these suckers on. Which takes time. Which I don’t have the patience for right now. Let’s not forget the fact that Mediums fit a girl with a nice C cup, not E’s. Now extra larges (wow, seeing that typed out is so much more depressing than ‘XL’) are all the rage around these parts.

3. Stretch. Marks. If my only complaint was that they were big, I’d be able to deal… but there’s nothing cute about stretch marks. They’re like two old crack whores after a good beating from their pimp. Used and abused, I’m telling you.

Looking forward to when I stop breastfeeding and they’ll really be cute.

At least Madeline likes them.
At least Madeline likes them.

Back to Work

Well, I go back to the office in a little over a week…


… I can’t believe how quickly my maternity leave flew by. The past five weeks have made me truly, truly spoiled, especially since Justin’s been home with us girls most of the time. Thinking about being in the office again and not at home with my loves (and my licorice stash) has me pretty sad, so I’ve been trying to concentrate on the positives.

1. Getting dressed up.  Or just getting dressed, period. Yoga pants and nursing tanks have been my daily ensemble and yyyyeah, it’s about as cute as it sounds. I can’t wait to get back into some cute, dressy things and have an opportunity to wear my two new pairs of heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels. They make me feel normal.

2. Starbucks, my most beloved addiction. I pass 4 different stores on my way to work… no one has that sort of will-power, especially me.

That’s about it.

I will miss pretty much everything about being at home, I’m not gonna lie. Except not having satellite. Have I mentioned that yet? How we are the only tenants in this complex whose signal is blocked by A FLIPPING TREE? I’ve been on a steady diet of The George Lopez Show and Dr. Phil for the past few months since we only have the basic channels and let me tell ya, it’s been really great. Peachy, even. I’m sure that if I didn’t have Netflix to entertain me, I would have stabbed my eyes out some sort of rusted, pointy object by now.

We’ll see how well I deal with this working mom thing. I’ve never wanted anything more than to stay home with my kids, but I’m going to give this an honest shot and see how it goes. It’ll definitely be a challenge. To the ladies who manage to work on top of every other wifely/motherly duty, do you have any tips for me? Share, share. :)