Butterfly in the Sky…

Oh my gosh, I completely forgot that song existed until I was trying to think of a title for this post. Reading Rainboooooooow, good times.

Now that I got that out of my system… A PROJECT!

After being so heavily inspired by these Recycled Magazine Collages, I wanted to make something similar for my craft area (which I’m DYING to show you, but it’s not quite finished). Instead of taking five years to pick out magazine pages to use, I opted for a few sheets from my gargantuan paper collection.

Forgive the imperfections. As I was cutting out these little suckers, American Idol was on in the background. I kept looking up at the tv and criticizing the contestants and had to remind myself that, OH! You have a pair of sharp scissors in your hand!

I may have maimed a few butterflies in the process.

Headbands and things

After analyzing this video to death, I’ve realized:

  • I should never, ever chew gum again.
  • Must work on not acting like a total snob because I just realized I act like a total snob. Gag.
  • I do like the Bump It, even if I do somewhat resemble a pageant contestant. Va-va voom.
  • Maddie is too adorable.

So, yes. Bump It. If you watch the video on their site, you’ll agree it’s probably the cheesiest thing you’ve ever seen… but are you not somewhat intrigued?

It’s basically just a plastic insert that you put in your hair to give it some volume. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was okay with my head being so freakishly tall, but I toned it down a bit and it ended up being alright I think. Feedback is welcome. :)

And that headband with the big flower I had on the girl was made out of this old shirt:

I was glad — giddy, even — to see that big pink circus tent go. Yay for getting rid of maternity clothes! Let’s just pray I don’t need them again for a while.

No seriously… pray. I think I would die.

Ring around the Rosie

Just wanted to share a little happy magnet I made in about .3 seconds last night.

I was inspired by Betz White’s felt rosettes… they are just too cute for words!  You basically cut a spiral circle out of a piece of felt, roll it into a little rose and secure the end with glue.  Couldn’t be easier (or more addictive… I have about 20 of these things made).  Plop one on a magnet and you have this:


I don’t know if this qualifies for Alyssa’s Crafty Challenge this week, but if any of you have anything fun to show off, pop over to her blog and enter!

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