DIY: Geometric Paper Art

Happy Halloween to all my little pumpkin heads!

Soooo, instead of putting the finishing touches on our costumes like I should have been doing all afternoon, I’ve been doing a little procrastinatory paper crafting. Makes perfect sense to wait until 4:00 on Halloween to put together a costume, doesn’t it? I’m not adding unnecessary stress to my life at all!

I’m sure you all have seen the adorable Patch NYC line of home goods at Target.

I drool. I die.

Every time I’m in Target (which is 5x a week, basically), I walk down that aisle and lovingly pet each item. I WANT IT ALL. For the time being, I just decided to bring a little bit of that geometric goodness into my home by way of DIY. This isn’t much of a tutorial, just a quick little explanation of what I did to recreate that triangle pattern and make a little piece of wall art.

Yeah, that Instagram photo is really blurry and horrible, I am aware!

I had cardstock in green, white, brown and black. I cut 2×2″ squares of each color, then cut those squares in half to make triangles. Arranging the pattern was simple because there was really no rhyme or reason to the original pattern. Using a glue stick, I adhered all the triangles to a large black piece of cardstock and voila! Simple as can be.

I hope you all have a fun and safe and ultra fattening evening! xo



HOLY NEGLECT. I have been a bad, bad Etsy shop owner, guys. It’s been entirely too long since I’ve added any new items to my poor little shop. I’ve really missed having this creative outlet and am ready to jump back into the crafty sack, roll around a little bit and get my hair all messy.

(Glue guns do that to me.)

I just added some fun new hair accessories and can’t wait for you to see. My Instagram followers are undoubtedly sick to death of seeing the pinwheels. I’M SORRY, OKAY? My life has been overrun by pinwheels lately, I have to admit. You should see my kitchen table where I’ve been working…  it’s bad. Andcolorfulandamazingineveryway.

Pop on over to the Little Lovelies shop and check out the new goodies. And, as always, I take custom orders, so feel free to message me with any ideas you may have. xoxo

Rage Crafting: Using up that washi tape stash

// via my Instagram: ohmorgosh //

Remember a few years ago, we all bought like 90 rolls of Japanese washi tape because the internet said so? I know I wasn’t the only one with the ungodly obsession with the stuff. I mean, it IS freaking adorable and surely has a billion uses, but ohmygah it lasts forever.

I love the tape, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I’ve been using it to seal up Etsy packages, to decorate my spy notebooks journals, to wallpaper dollhouse rooms, to cover magnets and on and on, but the stupid rolls never get any smaller. It’s like Willy Wonka met up with a crafty Japanese tape inventor and created The Everlasting Washi Tape. Corny ramblings aside: IT NEEDS TO END NAO.

I was fiddling around with my stash earlier and found a few new uses I haven’t seen on Pinterest. This is a big deal you know. I don’t want to get all Ranty McRanterson and start bashing Pinterest again, but it has pretty much ruined my creative life and finds new ways to crush my spirit of originality daily. I’m dancing dangerously close to the edge of the emo cliff, so let’s just get to the point:



Whoaaaa, slow down there, happy pants. Didn’t you forget a little thing called Google image search?

1 | 2 | 3

Just to name a few examples.

So all that to say…

Why my house currently smells of burnt soap with a hint of Satan’s ballsack

You guys have seen the whole soap cloud thing that’s been going around, right? It’s basically where you throw a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave and it explodes into fluffy amazing cloudlike wonderfulness. It will supposedly cause spontaneous outbursts of praise and adoration from children to their cool moms.

// via Our Best Bites //

If the simple instructions are followed, awesome things will happen, as you see above. If the simple instructions are blatantly ignored and you decide to microwave a 7 year old bar of Dial you found in the box of crap under the bathroom sink, this will happen:

Songs of praises were not sung. Screams of horror, yes.

And in case you were wondering, I didn’t stage that brown substance oozing out of it like diarrhea for laughter’s sake. That was ALL science, baby.

Rage Crafting

This morning was the first time in many, many moons that I had the crafty bug. I don’t know what happened to me in the past several months, but g’lawd, being creative just wasn’t happening. Actually, no. I do know what happened. Pinterest happened. I blame Pinterest for all my crafty sadnesses. Everyone can do everything nowadays and there just aren’t many original ideas left. It kind of bums me out, to be honest. It’s like, really? What’s the point of doing tutorials when 800 other bloggers are doing the same thing, but better, and with prettier hair and red lipstick while posing next to a brick wall with graffiti on it? Womp womp, single tear, playing world’s saddest song on world’s smallest violin.

I’m over the expectations Pinterest puts on us, though, I really am. I want to punch them all in the throat. Not the people doing the awesome things, necessarily, just the awesome things. And the awesome photos of the awesome things. And the awesome lighting and awesome angles in the awesome photos of the awesome things. On that note, how is everyone such a great photographer all of a sudden?? Was there a class I missed? And how does everyone have perfect sparkle nails?? I want perfect sparkle nails. And confession: I can’t actually do a fishtail braid. I practice a lot, too. This is upsetting to me. I also can’t sew myself a dress in 10 minutes or sew at all. I cry when I try. This post is getting out of hand.

(Back to my point…)

But you know what? Pinterest can suck a monkey’s nut. Sorry I just said that, Grandma, but it can. I just made 8,000 more useless felt flowers, hair bows my kid doesn’t need, and ANOTHER yarn wreath 3 years after it was the cool thing to do. Because I can. It doesn’t have to be new or super orig… I just have to stop pouting and keep on making stuff. I have a glue gun and an order to squeeze the trigger at will.

That just sounded like a speech. Was that a speech? Can you tell I’m PMS’ing a little? Send the Midol and some Meg Ryan movies.