Boy Talk

A few months ago, it was no secret how terrified I was of having a boy. It’s not just about the whole little wiener issue… though after some new mom friends of mine have shed light on that particular subject, I can’t exactly say the fears have let up at all. There’s going to be a whole lot of pee in my future and most of that pee is probably going to go straight in my hair, but I digress.

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t know how to entertain a boy. Toss some rocks in front of him and be all, “Have fun, buddy!” while me and Maddie paint our toenails? No. What games do they like to play that don’t involve tackling mom to the ground? Are they all as ridiculously stinky as my little brother was? Will Jack find it fun to bring live bugs and toads into his room? Will said bugs escape and come into my bed at night and make nests in my hair? And what exactly is considered cool for little boys to wear? Do they even care about that kind of stuff?


The point is, I’m in the dark about most of these things, but I’ve been reassured over and over that I’ll be fine and will figure out everything as it comes along. I think that’s true.

And after receiving some pretty adorable gifts from my sweet friends, I can lay to rest any doubts I had about cute boy things existing in the world. After having a fancy little froo-froo girl for two years, glancing into any boy clothes/toys/shoes section just gave me hives. THERE’S NOTHING CUTE. THERE’S NO PINK. WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO!?

Well apparently, this is what I do:

Socks that look like shoes exist for boys. They’re adorable. And they’re not pink. (Thank you Sally!)

You can also find uses for ribbon that don’t involve hair bows. Sweet blankets. (Thank you, Julie!)

Do you have a little boy that barfs up all over you? I have this strong feeling I will. At least I can clean it up with the most freaking adorable burp cloths in all of humanity. (Thank you Shea!)

Getting excited.

Baby #2 – Thirty Five Weeks

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and my due date is getting kind of close…

And umm… does anyone notice how FREAKING HUGE I am all of a sudden? The belly is full-on bullet status. It seriously terrifies me to think of how big I’m going to be in 5 more weeks.

Bare pregnant bellies are just flipping weird, by the way. This is only the second time I’ve ever taken a picture of it with my shirt up because… well, just look at it! That mole was not that far away from my belly button a few months ago. And yes, I strategically posed my body away from the camera so you can’t actually SEE my belly button. That thing is good material for a Twilight Zone episode, right there. It’s hovering in a disturbing place between Innie and Outie and I just want it to make up it’s mind already.

Sooo, are you fully grossed out yet? :)

Things I accomplished this weekend that I will remember when 2:00pm hits and I feel guilty for wanting to do nothing but lay in bed and watch What Not To Wear reruns

I’m trying this new thing today called Not Going Nuts. It’s all about not going nuts. Quite the concept, right?

No but really, I’m on the brink of a nesting-related meltdown. I am sitting at work right now, unable to concentrate on anything because of the list of things I have to do RIGHTTHISSECOND or I may in fact, die.

(Don’t question me on this… I’ve dropped dead at least 30 times in my life due to an ailment I like to refer to as Dramatics. It’s very real.)

I have accumulated so much makeup/hair/beauty-related junk under my bathroom sinks that I can’t think of doing anything but going through it all, tossing the old stuff and neatly organizing my nail polishes by color in a nice little basket. Or quite possibly lining them all up on a several little shelves on the wall like they do in the nail salon.

Actuallyyyyyy… that’s not that bad of an idea—NO, MORGAN! Focus.

Or how about working on those 4 tutorials I have in mind for this blog? Like the yarn wreath I promised I’d do like, a year ago? Or more like a month ago, but whatever? I’ll get to it, I promise.

This weekend I was super productive and I’m trying to keep that in mind right now. I am only one woman after all. I should be proud I accomplished the following in my beached whale-like state:

  • Washed/folded/put away 4 loads of laundry, including teeny tiny baby boy clothes (eeee!)
  • Went to dinner with friends
  • Organized kids’ room & closet
  • Made flag pennant to hang in kid’s room
  • Decorated kids’ room with new wall art
  • Made a cute blanket for Jack
  • Made some hair clips for a friend’s baby girl
  • Attended a wedding
  • Went grocery shopping
  • Scrubbed down kitchen
  • Dusted/vacuumed entire apartment
  • Painted two thrifted frames, hung them up in our bedroom
  • Organized Maddie’s 5 billion books
  • Organized Maddie’s 5 billion shoes
  • Lost 2lbs (Not kidding. There was no time for nacho consumption this weekend.)

I’m a machine… but an extremely exhausted machine.

I do have a little over a month left until the baby is supposed to arrive. There’s time to organize my nail polishes and you know what? If it doesn’t get done before Jack is born, oh well! OR I’ll just do it the day we come home from the hospital. I’ll need that extra space under the counters to store all my mesh-granny-panty-post-partum-yucky-supplies anyway. Priorities.

(HOLY CRAP. Just realized I need to make a list and pack the hospital bag. I don’t even remember what I’m supposed to bring. Something to do with a coming home outfit and nipple ointment. Haven’t I done this before?)

…This isn’t working.

Baby #2 – Thirty Three Weeks & a Baseball Baby Shower

Okay, for one week I will take a normal belly photo in good light and without looking ridiculously depressed. But don’t get used to this special stuff because we’re back to our regularly scheduled work bathroom photos next week. :)

Last Saturday, an incredibly sweet group of girls threw me a baby shower. I feel so blessed to have friends who would coordinate such an event during the holidays, while working AND while living in different cities. Thank you Steph, Alyssa, Sarah, Jimaie & Shea! I love and appreciate you all so much!

It’s no secret Justin and I are huge baseball fans (GO GIANTS!), so that’s what the girls chose as the theme!

The invitations were designed to look like game tickets! So AWESOME. Thank you for designing these, Sarah and Johnny!

Cracker Jacks were given as party favors (I took home like, 5 boxes… not gonna lie). Guests were invited to leave a note for me on little slips of paper, and when I got home and read them I was cracking up. All my friends who have sons gave some seriously wise advice: “Make sure to point it down.”

Steph made some adorable centerpieces with old baseballs and Alyssa made the tissue poms and had them hanging up around the place. So cute! We’ll just pretend that blue hat is orange and black. :)

My favorite part had to be what was served to eat… NACHOS and cupcakes! These girls know me.

Jack has clothes now, thank goodness.

Jimaie recently announced that she’s expecting too! Baby #3 is coming this July, eee!

And Kristy, another dear friend of mine since high school, is due in just a few weeks. This girl and I meet for regular Chipotle lunch dates. Hey, our sons make the rules… we just follow them.

Maddie Jo came too, of course. I still don’t know if she fully grasps the concept of there ACTUALLY being a baby in my belly, but she does know that Baby Jack is around here somewhere. Everyone keeps talking to her about him and she’s probably wondering where he is so they can play already.

You can check out more photos from the shower here! Thank you again to all my girls who threw the shower and the ones who came as guests! Maddie and Jack are lucky to have such sweet aunties. :)

Baby #2 – Thirty Two Weeks

Mother of mercy, I am 8 months pregnant.

(It’s 9:15am and I already took that belt off and threw it under my desk in a fit of rage. A woman needs to breathe!)

Last week I was able to have a follow-up growth ultrasound to make sure the baby was still on track. I honestly wasn’t worried about anything after having the first ultrasound done because of how all his measurements came back just fine, but I was pretty excited to just be able to see him on the screen again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: pregnant women love ultrasounds. I mean, you feel this kid moving around and punching your organs for months and months, think about them constantly, and you can’t help but wonder what they actually look like up in there.

Well, I’m thrilled to report that my son seems cute. I know I’ve talked about my fear of having an ugly baby before, so this is some seriously fantastic news for me.  Also, his feet are freaking huge…

For some reason, at every ultrasound I’ve had so far the technician absolutely INSISTS on printing out a picture of his — how do you say? — balls. I don’t ask for them to do this, but they take it upon themselves to go on a little Easter egg hunt and they just seem to get really excited when they can get a good shot of them. Hmm, nothanks. I have like 5 photos of those and it’s just getting weird.

Anywayyyyy. Have a good day. :)