A tiny bit of progress on Maddie and Jack’s room

Do you know what a huge challenge it has been to decorate a shared girl/boy room? Oh dear Lord, kill me now.

Before I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I had big plans to transform Maddie’s super girlie pink and green nursery into more of a big girl room. It was time.

Maddie's old room

I had my sights set on doing a cutesy woodland theme, complete with owls, deer, flowers and toadstools… Well now I have a little man to consider. A little man who proooobably won’t appreciate an abundance of flowers and pink. I still think a woodland theme will be appropriate for both a girl and a boy, but I’ve had to be super careful in the execution of it all. So I finally decided on a theme of Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf.

That being said, I don’t really have much of the room completed yet. I know… I’m nearly two months away and I need to get on this business! I just wanted to share a few little things I have been up to…

I bought these wall decals from an Etsy shop called Sign Chick. The wolf sort of reminds me of a confused donkey, but that’s okay. Little Red is adorable, and he didn’t need to be a scary wolf anyway!

This funny little print came from a shop called My Paper Crane. The toadstools make me happy.

And last night I made another yarn wreath! I’m telling you, these things are so addictive. I’ve made 5 in the past month and I see no end to the madness. I could really put one in every room of my apartment and be just as happy as a clam. Anyway, this one is pretty girlie with all the rosettes, so I decided it’s going to be hung on the wall above Maddie’s bed. She’ll rip it down within an hour, bless her little destructive heart.

I’ve also purchased a pair of curtains, scored a great deal on a Target rug, and have handmade bedding in the works for both kids. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress of the room as I go!

(By the way, be looking for a quick yarn wreath tutorial in the next few days. I know they’ve been popping up everywhere around the internet lately, but I’ve had a few requests so I’ll be sharing my simple little process soon!)

Baby #2 – Thirty Weeks

Well, 29 weeks 5 days. But who’s counting?

(I AM. Every. Single. Day. Matters… Amen.)

Well, I had my OB appointment this morning and found out that I am measuring 4 weeks smaller than where I should be. I was all, “Really? I’m small?? I LOVE YOU.”, then picked up my purse and started to frolic out of the office until my nurse started talking about ‘growth retardation of the fetus’ and ‘not enough nutrients coming through the placenta’ and you know, all those happy types of things.

I had a feeling I wasn’t growing right, being that about 5 people in the past week have looked at me like I was nuts when I said how far along I am. Now I’m more than a little nervous about whether Jack is growing properly or not. The good news is I have an ultrasound this afternoon to find out for sure what the deal is. It could be that I’m just small and I just keep repeating that to myself. I’ll post an update later and let you guys know what happens.

Another nugget of good news is that although my belly seems to be measuring small, the rest of my body is still chugging along and growing at warp speed. Four pounds in a week, baby. Oh yes. Those hot cheetos really seem to be paying off.

Joy to the world.


Well according to the ultrasound, Jack is doing just fine and is measuring right on track. My belly is just small, apparently! Thanks so much for your sweet words today… it helped me calm down from all the ‘growth retardation’ talk. Love you guys!

Baby #2 – Twenty Eight Weeks


Things are getting a little – how do you say? – AWKWARD around these parts. I’ll just get right to the nitty gritty and tell you that Jack had the hiccups the other day and while normally I would consider it sweet and adorable and say awwwwwww! while creepily caressing and gazing at my stomach, the fact that I could feel his head knocking up against my butt with every hiccup made it SO INCREDIBLY NOT ADORABLE AT ALL.  It was unnecessary and downright rude, if you ask me.

Not cool, Jack. NOT COOL.

(I have made a personal vow to keep no secrets from you guys about this pregnancy, so I am deeply sorry for any mental scarring that may have just caused. Also, hi Grandma Julie!)

When you’re married to a geek…

Every purchase I make is heavily scrutinized and deemed silly, yet he doesn’t hesitate purchasing things of this nature on a whim:

Because you know how important it is for my son to learn the alphabet by associating each letter with a Star Wars character.

(Okay, this book is kind of cool, I have to admit. As long as Jack doesn’t start calling himself Jabba I’ll be fine.)

Edited to add:

Sadly, they aren’t taking any more orders on the book right now, but the guy in charge says to check back in a couple weeks. His email: brandonpeat@gmail.com. I’m sorry for getting all your hopes up, you big bunch of geeks. :)