So, is it a boy or a girl? Time to vote!

16 Weeks 4 Days

I realize I just told you like 5 minutes ago how I was fine with gaining weight or whatever, but umm… I changed my mind. Maybe it’s just this picture that’s making me all itchy to get back into the gym? Not literally itchy because that sounded really disgusting just now, but I don’t know. This girl just needs some exercise, that’s for daaaaaaaayum sho.

Now on to business: My breasteses. I know I know, enough about the boobs already, but seriously. I am nearly a DD and that my friends, requires some acknowledgment. They are large and in charge.

The most important thing we need to discuss today is that of my baby’s gender. The BIG ultrasound is on Friday (I’ll be 17 weeks and I’m paying good money to find out what my baby be packin’, so it better cooperate)! If you feel so inclined, take a guess at what I’m having in the poll below. If you don’t, I will hunt you down with my glue gun, make you listen to me sing Britney and force you to click that button myself. You don’t want that, do you?

(I only love.)

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I promise I will start writing about something other than this baby soon. But for now, I’m going to share a sweet nothing that was whispered in my ear last night by my loving husband as we were getting into bed. (Don’t be scared.)

Me: UGHHblfffttttt. It’s getting harder to get in and out of bed already!

Justin: *enthusiastically* Yeah, I’m sure! You’ve just gained SO much weight lately!

Me: …………

Justin: Oh come on, Morgan. You know what I mean. In your belly! I didn’t mean everywhere.

Me: …………

Justin: You’re pretty.

Me: It’s too late. You know I’m going to blog this, right?

Justin: Yesssss, I know.

Baby #2 – Fifteen Weeks

Man. I must be one of the lucky girls who escapes the horrible morning sickness that lasts the whole pregnancy because with each week that goes by, I just feel better and better. Which means I have been able to eat whatever I want and not get sick! Which means I’ve had chinese food three times this week already! Which meaaaaaans, I HAVE GAINED 5 POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS.

Mother of mercy.

It’s okay though! It is! I’m not really all that panicky about gaining weight this time since I kind of know what to expect. And, those were the first 5 pounds I’ve gained since I started this magical little journey. Not too bad. My butt may be out of control in a few months and the chipmunk cheeks may return, but right now I feel like this:

Can’t hold ME down, baby fat. My hills are aliiiiive!

Now gimme some chow mein.

Baby #2 – Fourteen Weeks

Okay, I’m getting seriously lazy with these posts because I’m actually 2 days away from being 15 weeks. And yes, I felt the need to tell you all that because the entire time you’re pregnant all you really care about is being farther ahead of where you are and you want the world to know that HEY, I’m really 5 days farther along than what the title of this post says and I realize it seems like a petty & insignificant detail, but I LIVED through those 5 days of constipation and grief so it makes a difference, DANG IT!

It’s an actual baby belly now & not just gas. I REJOICE!

This week I downgraded from Gold Level Throw Up Queen to a content state of Gagging While Brushing Teeth. It’s the little things, people.

Also, I’m going to a wedding this weekend and I’m currently on the hunt for an outfit that doesn’t make me look like I did at the wedding I attended two weeks ago. Which was basically a WHALE with flip flops and smeared eyeliner.

Horrendous, I know. I’d like to go for something a little less frumpy this time, and that requires me to find a cute dress today on my lunch break. Wish me luck!