#77 ATV on the Beach & a List update

Dude, I'm hardcore. You see that pink hoodie? Don't mess.

And don’t worry… that was forever ago. No babies were harmed.

It feels like it’s been about 8 years since I’ve done an update 101 Things list. I’ve actually been keeping up on it, which is pretty brag-worthy considering I haven’t followed through with one single goal I’ve set for myself in ages. Or like ever in my life.

It’s funny to go through my list and see the things I accomplished right away, and then the things I’ve been putting off for the past year and a half.


Eat at 3 new restaurants. Easy.

Start planning for Baby Gable #2. Yeahh, I skipped that step and went straight for the gold. Now I’m being forced to plan though, sooo, done.

Bake a batch of rainbow chip cupcakes. Or 15.


Read 50 books. Umm. Try 2, both of which involved vampires and were found in the Young Adult section in Target. The shame.

Sing Karaoke. This is honestly the most terrifying thing on my list and I will be putting it off until the VERY last minute. It involves all my greatest fears: singing in front of people, standing on a stage & peeing my pants. (It’s inevitable.)

Go a month without buying lattes. I will surely die. Let’s just be real here.

I obviously have my priorities in line: Making babies and eating good food.

So hooray for goals!

#56: Drive a stick-shift and not die

Okay, story time.

When I was 16 my dad bought me a car. It was cute. It was red. It was sporty… and it was a stick. I was a horrible driver to begin with, and that coupled with my ridiculous impatience made driving it a complete nightmare. I dreaded it! Honest to God, I cried when it would stall on me, and I pretty much swore off manual cars altogether when I killed the engine and full on STOPPED in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in town. WHILE TRAFFIC WAS COMING TOWARD ME. Needless to say, we swapped it out for an automatic. (Drama queen.)

I’ve always felt completely stupid about giving up on something so simple and that so many other people could do, so I added this to my 101 Things list. I haven’t driven one since that little red car, but today I can proudly cross it of that list.

Okayokayokay, so I drove Justin’s car around the block to my parents’ house to do a load of laundry. Aaaand, I may have stalled it no less than 10 times before making it out of our apartment complex’s parking lot. But I totally realized I hadn’t released the E-brake before I could do any major damage, so… BAM. I win.

#42: Climb to the top of a waterfall

This weekend, Justin and I took a day trip to Shaver Lake to visit Alyssa and her man Chris at their family’s awesome cabin. We had a blast, seriously… these two are hilarious.

While out on a walk, we stumbled upon a waterfall. It’s no Niagara Falls, but there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to stand at the top and take a picture. Finally, I’m able to cross this one off my list!


I realize this picture makes it look a whole 2 feet tall, but I promise it wasn’t that lame. See the terrified look on my face? Yeah.