And Miss Maddie… the very cheeky, headless giraffe

I have a pretty strict No Store-bought Costumes policy, which to be honest is only about 10% because I want to be original and 90% due to the fact that Halloween superstores CREEP ME OUT. They have a weird smell. And I always have this feeling that I’m going to somehow contract an STD if I go anywhere near the adult costume section.


The original plan for Maddie was to be the Chiquita Banana lady, complete with the fruit tower headpiece and the fancy blue dress.

It would have been ridiculous, right? I know. I love it.

So, in typical Morgan fashion, I waited until the last minute to get started on her costume and ended up absolutely nothing because I am a horrible mother. My mom came to the rescue with this adorable little giraffe costume (did you see the stuffed belly? HA!) and it was such a lifesaver. Maddie loved it.

The only thing is that when we tried to fit her big noggin into the head part of the costume, her face was all squished, she felt like she couldn’t move and she started walking all stiff. It was hilarious looking, but we couldn’t put her through that. Instead, she walked around with a huge stuffed giraffe head hanging off the back of her neck.  This family aims for class.

Happy belated Halloween! Love, Britney and K-Fed

You know you love my bra and his classy little chain.

A conversation from just now via chat, after I saw these pictures for the first time:

me: justiiiiiiin. your stupid kfed face!
Justin: better than the OUT OF CHARACTER SMILE
Justin: no she doesn’t. not in those pics.
me: whatever. i gave her life.
Justin: and you mocked me for practicing my kfed look in the mirror
me: my mom was the one laughing
me: …okay, yeah. me too

Danelle’s Carnival Themed Baby Shower

My great friend Danelle is having a baby boy!

Isn’t she cute? (Pay no attention to my MAJOR cheese here. Thanks.)

I teamed up with her mom and sister to throw a fun, carnival themed shower this past weekend. We had a blast celebrating this little man’s soon-to-be arrival!

Frosted Cakery (my mother- and sister-in-law) helped me come up with some yummy desserts and did such a great job with them!  They made red velvet whoopie pies (YUM.), mini cupcakes, lollipop cookies and the cutest cake I’ve ever seen. I die a little every time I look at it.

We filled sweet little popcorn boxes with kettle corn and my Lord, it was addictive! Carmel apple suckers, animal crackers, lemon heads and a ton of other goodies were available to guests to snack on as well. SUGAR COMA. That’s all I have to say.

The guests sipped on their drinks from mason jars, which is pretty perfect since the baby’s name is going to be Mason. :)

Oh, and because I’m such an amazing photographer (HAH, no.), I took one or two really horrible, blurry photos of the tables with those felt pinwheels as centerpieces. NONE of them turned out, but they were pretty freakin adorable.

Danelle, I love you to death! I hope you enjoyed your party, and we all can’t wait to meet Mr. Mason!