Green, err… Teal with Envy

Due to the recent posts by the ever so lovely Rachel (Confessions of a Jersey Girl), I have been having some major homeowner envy issues. The talk of painting her dining room Tiffany blue was enough to send me over the edge — umm, fabulous! Don’t get me wrong, our apartment is … cute, but nothing compared to what it would be with a few coats of paint on those dull, ghostly white walls.

I have had a growing obsession with the color teal and it’s amazingness since our wedding in late 2006. Tiffany blue and brown, hello? It was heavenly.

It took no time at all for me to declare it my mission in life to make every home interior-related item that was anywhere near that delicious shade of blue MINE. Lucky for me, our last place was an adorable little house in an adorable little neighborhood, and our landlords had painted the bathroom an adorably perfect shade of – sigh – teal. That, combined with my fabulous shower curtain & Marilyn portrait made me want to hang out in that bathroom for hours. And maybe I did. In the most ladylike fashion, of course.

The only downside to our new place are those ghost-white walls I was telling you about. Unfortunately, renters have limited say in the color of their walls and carpet, so I’m being forced to be creative. It’s also unfortunate that I am just plain uncreative. This is where I need all you faithful bloggy girlfriends to step in and assist this sad little lady.

What are some ways to liven up those boring apartment walls? Have you been in my place before, aching to bring some life and glamour into the little space you call home? Give me some ideas, s’il vous plait, and I promise never to delete you from my Google Reader.

The Look for Less – Halle Berry

Okay, hot mom alert. She just had her baby in what? March? I hope I look that good after this bundle of joy/fatness arrives.

I thought Halle’s summery casual look was wicked cute. She glammed up a plain white dress with a few accessories and made a completely gorgeous outfit. I find that if you have a few good and simple pieces in your wardrobe, you can change the entire look by swapping out the accessories. Hmm… new post idea …

I KNOW you can do better than that… Try it.

Loving it.

While browsing through the House Tours on Apartment Therapy (this is a busy day at work, can you tell?), I couldn’t help but drool over these photos.  You may or may not know about my unhealthy obsession with all-things-toile, but I can safely say that my love has only grown stronger after seeing these.  How glamorous!

You can view the slideshow (25 glorious pictures) here.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

The Look for Less – Katherine Heigl

I love this girl! Usually, I automatically despise any woman that my husband finds attractive… but is it wrong that I agree for once? His whole Uma Thurman phase drove me insane. I don’t get it. Anyway, Katherine Heigl is always so put together, has that lovable, all-American thing going on, and just happens makes some pretty hilarious movies. Knocked Up, hello? One of my favorites.

This look was so inspiring to me. The yellow jacket is what drew my attention at first — the whole kimono thing is really adorable. It takes a confident woman to pull off that color!

So here’s what I came up with using the ever-fabulous Polyvore. If you guys haven’t checked that site out yet, pop on over there soon. It’s so fun and addicting. It’s like playing with paper dolls… without… the dolls. I don’t know. It’s just fun. :)

  • Scrunchie Skinny Jean – Wet Seal: $29.50
  • Three Tier Tank Top – Wet Seal: $9.99
  • Hoodie Cape Jacket – Forever 21: $27.80
  • Pearl Buckle Peep Toe Heel – Go Jane: $16.99
  • Large Hobo Bag – Target: $29.99
  • Gold Twist Bracelet – Bees: $19.80

I could have done better, I suppose… but go ahead and try to beat my prices!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Love!

Sweet Luxury

Anyway, I stumbled upon a darling little shop over at Etsy that I just had to share. Luxe Deluxe offers a variety of unique, inexpensive and flipping adorable jewelry (have I ever mentioned what an accessory addict I am? DEFINITELY stocking up on some of these little gems).

A few of my favorites:

Love Nest – Umm, could this be any more adorable?

Audrey – Such a lovely take on ‘Modern Vintage’.

So there’s just a little dose of stylish goodness for you all before I leave for my overnight trip to San Francisco. Shopping at Union Square, anyone? You can meet my mom and I first thing at the Market Street Starbucks, but I can’t promise we won’t leave you for dead if you fail to keep up. Shopping. Fools. Right. Here.

Have a great Mother’s Day!