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If you have a blog, shop or website that you feel would relevant to my readers I’d love to hear from you! I currently have three ad options available which run at monthly intervals.
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January Stats

  • 102,000+ pageviews
  • 49,000+ unique visitors
  • 2,080+ RSS subscribers
  • 1,520+ Facebook fans
  • 1,300+ Twitter followers

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What others have to say

Advertising on Morgan’s blog made a bigger impact on traffic than anything I’ve done, ever. During the ONE MONTH of advertising on MrsPriss my traffic was equal to 11% of my total traffic for all 3.5 years of my blog’s existence. Crazy awesome!

Natali, TheThinkingBlonde.com

Apart from being one of my favorite reads in general, MrsPriss.com has become one of my site’s the top three traffic referrers. The best part: unlike search engines, the traffic drawn from MrsPriss is already engaged readership. My page views and my time on site numbers have both increased dramatically since advertising with her site.

Traci, HerdingSquirrels.com

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