Baby #2 – Fifteen Weeks

Man. I must be one of the lucky girls who escapes the horrible morning sickness that lasts the whole pregnancy because with each week that goes by, I just feel better and better. Which means I have been able to eat whatever I want and not get sick! Which means I’ve had chinese food three times this week already! Which meaaaaaans, I HAVE GAINED 5 POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS.

Mother of mercy.

It’s okay though! It is! I’m not really all that panicky about gaining weight this time since I kind of know what to expect. And, those were the first 5 pounds I’ve gained since I started this magical little journey. Not too bad. My butt may be out of control in a few months and the chipmunk cheeks may return, but right now I feel like this:

Can’t hold ME down, baby fat. My hills are aliiiiive!

Now gimme some chow mein.

15 Weeks

WOW, the weeks are really zooming by! I can’t believe I’m already at 15!

Some highlights of my fun little pregnant life:

  • A shopping trip last Saturday with my lovely Mom (yes, she has a myspace) for maternity clothes. Destination Maternity in Riverpark has some adorable things — I was surprised! I picked up the pink top and jeans I’m wearing in the picture, another hot pink top, and a white camisole. Those should get me through this paycheck… then I’m going back for a dress. Or two. Or three.
  • Baby Gable is now the size of a teaspoon, or about 4.5 inches. Precious!
  • I felt some movement the other night before bed, then again the next night. You hear all these women saying how the flutters feel like ‘butterflies’, but I’d say it’s more like someone’s finger tapping. Like, when you’re doing that impatient, finger-tapping-on-the-table-thing… only inside your uterus. haha
  • The date has been set for the BIG ULTRASOUND — June 19th, at 8:00am. You all have no idea how excited I am to find out what this little baby is! And following Lisa’s example, I’m going to give you all an opportunity to get your predictions in before the big day. :)

And Shea, to answer your question about where I’m taking these pictures…

I sit at work some days and having nothing to do but think about being pregnant and how freaking huge my tummy is getting. So then I take a little trip to our ghetto bathroom and snap a low-quality cell phone picture to share with the world. Why I don’t wait for Justin to take a good one with his expensive camera, I don’t know. Maybe I should start… these make me look pasty.

P.S. Why don’t they have Fun Mum in America!? I want this top SO BAD, but with shipping it comes out to about $80.00. Le sigh.