So, is it a boy or a girl? Time to vote!

16 Weeks 4 Days

I realize I just told you like 5 minutes ago how I was fine with gaining weight or whatever, but umm… I changed my mind. Maybe it’s just this picture that’s making me all itchy to get back into the gym? Not literally itchy because that sounded really disgusting just now, but I don’t know. This girl just needs some exercise, that’s for daaaaaaaayum sho.

Now on to business: My breasteses. I know I know, enough about the boobs already, but seriously. I am nearly a DD and that my friends, requires some acknowledgment. They are large and in charge.

The most important thing we need to discuss today is that of my baby’s gender. The BIG ultrasound is on Friday (I’ll be 17 weeks and I’m paying good money to find out what my baby be packin’, so it better cooperate)! If you feel so inclined, take a guess at what I’m having in the poll below. If you don’t, I will hunt you down with my glue gun, make you listen to me sing Britney and force you to click that button myself. You don’t want that, do you?

(I only love.)

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16 Weeks

Technically, 16 weeks starts tomorrow, but we’ll take care of this picture business today.

Uh oh, a new angle. Watch out, I’m getting fancy on ya! (Whoa, I need a hair cut.)

Nothing new to report in the baby growing department, except that Justin and I are a mere 8 days from finding out the sex — !!! This needs to hurry up and happen, so I know whether to start stocking up on things of this nature or not: