Baby #2 – Nineteen Weeks

My belly doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of growth in these photos, but I swear it is! To be perfectly frank with you all, any sort of bump I had during the first few months was solely due to the fact that I was eating too much bloaty dairy.  Dairy and I have an interesting relationship. I love it, yet it tries to murder my insides. But I still eat it. All the time. Because IT’S JUST SOOOO GOOOOOOOD.

Mmmmm… cheese.

(FOCUS, Morgan.)

Anyway. The other day I got my first Oh you’re pregnant?? We thought you were just gaining a lot of weight! comment. Those are always jolly good for the soul! This person went on to say that she and a coworker were noticing how I had put on some pounds when I was walking by the other day and that they were trying to decide what was up with me. I was like, Yeah, I’m five months pregnant… remember I told you a few months ago? She apparently did not remember, and looked over at her coworker with an AHA! expression. Really? Was it that big of a mystery?

I’m really not that bugged by it, surprisingly. I had a lot of that stuff flung my way when I was pregnant before and I realize some people just don’t know what to say or how to say it. That’s coo. I’ll just keep on scarfing down cheese and chocolate, stick out my lactose-belly and hope for the best.