Baby #2 – Twenty Weeks


Man, does it feel FANTASTIC to say that!

But seriously, where has the time gone? WHERE? I’m kind of freaking out a little, considering I have approximately 9,034 super important things to do and only a few months to do them. Nesting has currently taken over my life, and if you’ve ever gone through it you know that it’s nothing to be taken lightly. You get something in your head and it has to be done like, yesterday. My brain is going crazy with planning right now and it’s like a swirling, raging tornado-of-a-to do list up in thurr.

The kids’ room needs to be redecorated! Jack needs clothes! Sheets! Blankets! When was the last time I cleaned the baseboards? I need to organize under the sinks! That stain must be scrubbed out of the carpet or I will die. Sweep the patio! Clean out the fridge! Buy new storage bins! LABELS! ORGANIZATION! NOW! LABELS! ORGANIZATION! NOWWWWWW

and BOOM! That’s how a head explodes.

– Edited to add –

I’m 5.

20 Weeks – Halfway There!

Hallelujah & praise Jesus — I am halfway through this pregnancy! It’s hard to believe I’m 5 months pregnant, but I have to tell you, it feels awesome that people are actually starting to notice the bump (although, I’m still fully convinced that they’re thinking, ‘Oh THAT’S why she’s getting so fat!’) Seriously, 15 pounds in 20 weeks. But hey, I’m not stressing over it. Not at all. Not in the least bit worried about being 5 pounds heavier than I was at my heaviest. No big deal. I hate you Full-O-Bull, I HATE YOUUUUU!

Anyway, here’s my belly bump, as of last night. Cheeeeeeese:

Something exciting, at least for me, is the fact that this little girl has been kicking more and more every day. Even in the middle of the night. To the point where it actually wakes me up. Yes, this 10.5 ounce bundle of karate-choppin’ joy can actually wake the person who has been known to sleep through absolutely ANYTHING. What a life I will have in a few months. But hey, I’m still excited!

Also, we’ve decided that we’re going to name her Madelyn. I’ve actually had that name picked out for… ohhh, 6, 7 years now… so Jamie Lynn Spears can’t take that from me, ohhhhh no. I called dibs when Jamie was still on the teat.

On my way to my 20 week doctor visit. Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!

Edited to add:

I just got back from my appointment and –BOOYA– I’ve only gained 10 pounds.   That was enough to send me straight to Arby’s to celebrate.