Baby #2 – Twenty One Weeks

This week has been nutso. My brain is hurty.

I went to Ikea with my Mom and Maddie, redecorated the living room, have been working on about a bagillion pinwheels in preparation for my friend’s baby shower this Saturday, and have been spending all the hours in between either working, making 8 thousand lists of things I need to do/buy/clean, or making crazy stressed out faces like this:

(I’m in a random Britney reference phase right now. Just go with it.)

In pregnancy news, I’m blah blah blah getting fatter blah. Remember when I was all, “Bring on the weight gain, baby! I’m not afraid of you!”?? Yeah, that was silly. I think the weight gain fairy has been paying me nightly visits, and instead of money under my pillow she’s leaving badonk. I swear, I wake up each morning and my butt is bigger than the day before. YIPPEE.

I’ll be back next week with some baby shower photos, a chipper attitude and some maternity spanx, cuz I be classy like that.