Baby #2 – Twenty Two Weeks

  • Jack is moving around a LOT. His little kicks can be seen and felt from the outside, which is cool, yet totally creepy/Alien-like. You can usually find me lifting up my shirt and staring at my stomach at inappropriate times. Like while driving. (Red lights, my dears. Red lights.)
  • My belly button is, how do you say? OMGDISGUSTO. It’s shallow and it weirds me out being able to see the back of it so clearly! AH.
  • I was talking to a friend and she said that someone else we both know was acting concerned. He finally asked her, “Is Morgan, umm… you know… ” and she said, “Pregnant? Uh, yessss.”

It keeps happening!! RAWR. MORGAN SMASH. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I feel like a freaking monstrosity in all my bloatedness and that it’s totally obvious that I’m not just gaining weight, but knowing that some people aren’t sure and are hesitant to even SAY the word pregnant in reference to my belly is just plain worrisome! Should I make a sign to wear? Something along the lines of, “I had sex.“?

Yes, I know. Pregnant girls… we are never happy. I’m too big, I’m too small. THERE IS NO PLEASING ME. Except if you give me nachos. You can tell me I look like Sasquatch and I probably won’t even hear you over the sound of my own crunching.

(No, I’m serious. Ask Justin. I eat nachos nearly every night AFTER dinner. It’s concerning even to ME.)

(Mmm… nachos…)

22 Weeks

Okay, I don’t know if you all can tell, but it really seems like this belly of mine blew up over the past week.  On Saturday morning when I was laying in bed, I looked down at my stomach and BAM — it was like it popped out 3 inches overnight.

You know when you’re really bloated, but you can still lay on your back and your stomach flattens out?  (Is it just me that completely obsesses over having a flat stomach?)  Yeahhh, that doesn’t work anymore.  It’s exciting, though… I feel like I’m actually progressing in this whole pregnancy thing when I can see myself changing so much.

Yesterday, Justin and I went to the children’s hospital to have a fetal echo done, which is basically an ultrasound to look at the baby’s heart.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but Justin’s little niece was born with a heart defect (she’s a perfectly healthy toddler now and completely adorable, so no worries!), so my doctor has been taking a few precautions to make sure our little one doesn’t have anything similar.

Our BIG ultrasound was actually VERY big — we were sent in to see a lady who specializes in genetic abnormalities and multiples, and had a very lengthy scan done.  Seriously, they gave Justin and I somewhere between 20 and 25 pictures of just about every part of her body (they even did a cross-section of her brain, which kind of creeped me out).  Thankfully, nothing was wrong with Madelyn, but yesterday’s appointment just laid to rest any worries we had about heart defects.  Praise the Lord, she’s perfectly healthy.

In more uplifting news (sorry about the complete buzz kill, haha) I was thinking about trying to catch her movement on camera because OMG YOU CAN TOTALLY SEE IT FROM THE OUTSIDE NOW.  It’s full-on Alien status.  We’ll see if she cooperates later on tonight. :)

Congratulations to Talia, who just found out some very happy news!  I think we can all agree that this 3rd little one is going to be completely, out of this world adorable.