Baby #2 – Twenty Eight Weeks


Things are getting a little – how do you say? – AWKWARD around these parts. I’ll just get right to the nitty gritty and tell you that Jack had the hiccups the other day and while normally I would consider it sweet and adorable and say awwwwwww! while creepily caressing and gazing at my stomach, the fact that I could feel his head knocking up against my butt with every hiccup made it SO INCREDIBLY NOT ADORABLE AT ALL.  It was unnecessary and downright rude, if you ask me.

Not cool, Jack. NOT COOL.

(I have made a personal vow to keep no secrets from you guys about this pregnancy, so I am deeply sorry for any mental scarring that may have just caused. Also, hi Grandma Julie!)

28 Weeks

Longest. Week. Ever.

Seriously, what’s up with this?  As soon as I said, “Man, these past few weeks have flown by!”, time suddenly stood still. OH YEAHHHH, now I remember why…

On Tuesday, my doctor so lovingly crushed my dreams and told me I was measuring at 27 weeks and 4 days, which is a full 3 days behind where I thought I was.  Pshh, I say.  I’m going to continue moving up to the next week on Wednesdays, like I have been all along.

I am just glad I can finally say I’m 7 months pregnant.  This little girl is making an appearance sometime around Thanksgiving… I just hope she times it out right so that I can still eat all the yummy food.  Hey, don’t judge.  I wait all year for this! :)