Baby #2 – Thirty Weeks

Well, 29 weeks 5 days. But who’s counting?

(I AM. Every. Single. Day. Matters… Amen.)

Well, I had my OB appointment this morning and found out that I am measuring 4 weeks smaller than where I should be. I was all, “Really? I’m small?? I LOVE YOU.”, then picked up my purse and started to frolic out of the office until my nurse started talking about ‘growth retardation of the fetus’ and ‘not enough nutrients coming through the placenta’ and you know, all those happy types of things.

I had a feeling I wasn’t growing right, being that about 5 people in the past week have looked at me like I was nuts when I said how far along I am. Now I’m more than a little nervous about whether Jack is growing properly or not. The good news is I have an ultrasound this afternoon to find out for sure what the deal is. It could be that I’m just small and I just keep repeating that to myself. I’ll post an update later and let you guys know what happens.

Another nugget of good news is that although my belly seems to be measuring small, the rest of my body is still chugging along and growing at warp speed. Four pounds in a week, baby. Oh yes. Those hot cheetos really seem to be paying off.

Joy to the world.


Well according to the ultrasound, Jack is doing just fine and is measuring right on track. My belly is just small, apparently! Thanks so much for your sweet words today… it helped me calm down from all the ‘growth retardation’ talk. Love you guys!

30 Weeks

When I was talking about what a major milestone 25 weeks was for me FIVE WHOLE WEEKS AGO, this adorable mama-to-be said, “25 weeks is a good milestone. 30 is even better!”

That statement couldn’t have been more true, let me tell you!

Even though I’m up 30 pounds from February (I wonder why?), starting to get a little uncomfortable with this growing belly, and apparently “containing water” (per the moronic janitor in my office complex that I will seriously punch in the face next time), there’s such a comfort in knowing that I’ll be meeting my daughter within the next ten weeks.  I’m starting the big countdown now, and can worry about shedding those pounds then, right? Right.

(Please tell me I’m right…)