37 Weeks

Blurry belly.

So, scratch the big San Francisco shopping plans I had for tomorrow.  After a very cocky attempt at taking a long walk the other night, I discovered that I am, in fact, a 5 ton BEAST and would likely pass out, give birth, and/or die if I tried to shop for 6 hours straight.   So guess who gets to stay home in lovely Fresno and catch up on laundry this weekend?  Moi!

In baby news, there isn’t much to report, other than CONTRACTIONNNNNNS.  Sadly, I doubt they’re anything to get super excited over… just my trusty old uterus doin’ it’s thang to gear up for the big event.  But still, progress!  So, whoop whoop.

Oh, AND!  20 days left until my due date!  Less than three weeks! AHH!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!