Quick Update

I have been a terrible blogger this past week!  You probably all think I had the baby or something, but nooooooo… I’m not that lucky.  Just wanted to get you all in the loop as to what’s been going on and what little progress has been made.

Last Wednesday was my last day of work, which has been one half COMPLETELY AWESOME and one half absolutely maddening.  There are only so many times you can dust the living room and fold & refold onesies without going nuts in the process.  It’s a constant struggle not to just sit and think about when this baby is coming when you don’t have office work to distract you, but then again — I’m staying up late and sleeping in every day.  That kind of makes up for it. :)

Oh yeah, and not having to wear makeup is highly underrated.  I never realized how much I really dreaded going through that whole process of foundation, blend, concealer, blend, powder, blend, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara until I didn’t do it on Thursday morning… and now I’m sort of hooked.  Does that mean I’m officially a mom now?  I swear I’ll make the effort again one day…

Okay, this morning was my weekly appointment, and after 2 weeks of walkingwalkingwalking, I was hoping that some sort of progress has been made by my rather stubborn lady parts.  It turns out that I’m dilated to about a 2 and am 70% effaced, which is pretty good, considering how UNdilated and UNeffaced I was last time.

My nurse/midwife (still not sure what to call her) also took the liberty of stripping the membranes (yum.), which is supposed to help along the labor process.  I can say that after she did that and I walked around the mall for a few hours today, my contractions are definitely noticeable and getting sort of uncomfortable and crampy.  YAY!  I’m trying not to get too excited, but hey… my due date is on Thursday and this could very well be the real thing.  I could be holding my little turkey on Thanksgiving, so… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I’m a little excited about it.

That’s all for now, my lovely bloggy friends.  I’ll be sure to keep the updates coming as things move along.  I’m also planning on passing my Twitter duties on over to Justin while I’m in the hospital, so you’ll all be right there, practically listening to me scream in agony.  Good times.  I know you’re excited.