Baby #2 – Eight Weeks

Umm. If I seem slightly confused in this photo, it’s because I am.  I remember feeling this way around this point in my last pregnancy because my belly and chest will majorly vary in size from one week to the next. I know, it’s all camera angles and clothing choices and what I had to eat/gas, etc., but come on body! LOOK PREGNANT ALREADY!

New this week:

  • Pants are getting tighter. YESSSS… An excuse to go shopping and get some ridiculous pregnant lady pull-ups again! I know this sounds crazy, but I can’t even explain the relief and comfort you feel when you slip on a pair of maternity pants. It’s like buttah.
  • NAUSEOUS, LIKE WHOA. I’m not even kidding, I made eye contact with some cilantro and it made me ralph.
  • Am happy and smiley right this second. Was bitter and growly an hour ago. Am confusing and frightening to bystanders. Am beast.

Oh yeah, and this happened:

That tiiiiny little thing is the person responsible for all these crazies I’m experiencing. How freaking weird and amazing is that?? I LOVE YOU, BABEH!