Confessions of a Makeup Addict – Part 1

I have an addiction. A problem. An obsession. I can’t seem to walk past the MAC counter without snatching up a new eyeshadow.

It doesn’t matter if I have a grumpy toddler in tow or if I’m so hungry I could gnaw off my own arm; that is one stop I just can’t pass up. Don’t get me wrong, the lipsticks are fantastic and the glosses make me swoon pretty hard as well. I don’t discriminate, yo. It’s just all those ´╗┐eyeshadows… they really do a number on me.

One of the great things about MAC is that you can bring in 6 empty containers and trade them in for a lipstick/gloss/shadow. No joke, I just traded in 12 old eyeshadow pots and 6 lipgloss tubes for some new FREE stuff. It’s truly an amazing thing.

After I cleared out the empty containers, I saw that I didn't have nearly as much stuff as I thought. Must fix this immediately.

One of the first memories where I can recall being a little crazy about makeup was in 7th grade, when I actually wasn’t even allowed to wear any yet. I had this box of Avon stuff that my great-grandma had given me and I kept it hidden under my bed. When I was done with my homework I’d sneak into my room, close my bedroom door, turn on The Spice Girls and paint the living crap out of my face. (Do you love how creepily secretive I was about it? You’d think I was popping pills or something. ISSUES.) Glitter may have been involved. And since we’re being honest, there was usually about 3lbs of icy blue eyeshadow on each eye. Hot mess.

One time I even managed to sneak out of the house and make it to youth group with purple sparkles all over my eyes and cheeks, clumpy mascara on my lashes and frosty pink lipgloss. My mom noticed when I got home and proceeded to ground me from my box of sparkly makeup happiness. I never saw it again.

Thanks a lot, Mom. No, I’m serious.

Recently, I’ve become quite addicted to watching hair and makeup tutorials on Youtube, with Pixiwoo being one of my absolute favorites. You have to check these sisters out. They have the most adorable accents in the world and do such amazing makeup tutorials. I’ll seriously sit and watch them for hours with my giant bag of hot cheetos while soaking up all the info because I’m THAT big of a weirdo.

…ANYWAY. Breaking up the awkward silence. That’s just a glimpse into my weirdness. In Part 2, I’ll show you guys the products I use nearly every day. I use a good mix of drugstore brands and some higher end stuff and omg I’ll stop talking now before you all run away in fear.