As Halloweeny as I Get

You all love my made-up words.  Don’t lie.

After being seriously inspired by Diana at Vintage Mint, I went to Michael’s (my second home, in case you were wondering) and picked up some freakishly cute apothecary jars.  I had never even noticed the aisle with all the glass jars, vases and things, but oh man, it’s a dangerous new obsession.

The idea was to fill the jars with yummy, festive Halloween candy… but when you run to Rite-Aid the night before Halloween, you have to settle for the last crap bag of broken Reese’s Pieces and, gag, candy corn.  You know something’s awful when you can get a pound of it for $.99, and the midget bag of M&M’s next to it costs $3.99.

They are adorable, though... I have to say.
Reese's Pieces... the good stuff.
I won't judge the broken Reese's Pieces. That just means there are more to scarf down after I finish this post.

After all the candy is gone, I’m thinking of filling them with something else to use as a fall centerpiece on the dining room table.  Ideas??