What’s Black and White and Red all over?

It’s my {Woman, You Must be Crazy Because No One Loves You Enough To Spend That Kind of Money on You for Christmas, but You Might Get Lucky with Your Attempt at Tricking Them With Reverse Psychology} Christmas List, made of all the wonderfully girlie and expensive things from Anthropologie. Wheeeeeee…

(Note: I wear a size 6.)

black bonheur necklace

Necklace (which in all honesty, I will probably make tonight.)


The most adorable apron of my life.

anthropologie red and white dress

A work appropriate dress

anthropologie black and red dress

A date appropriate dress

anthropologie rosette headband

A cute rosy headband

Why, yes, I am running low on post ideas. Thank you for noticing.

Who Gets the Apron?

I was going to post a video blog to announce the winner of my giveaway, but I need Justin’s help with that and he’s out playing baseball. Yeah, not even going to attempt that one on my own.

Okay, I’ve kept you all in suspense long enough! The lucky lady who gets to make pies while wearing the adorable apron iiiiiiis…

Tristan! Congratulations, m’dear!

And thank you again to everyone who participated… you are all such dolls and Mrs. Priss wouldn’t be the same without you!