Baby #2 – Thirty Two Weeks

Mother of mercy, I am 8 months pregnant.

(It’s 9:15am and I already took that belt off and threw it under my desk in a fit of rage. A woman needs to breathe!)

Last week I was able to have a follow-up growth ultrasound to make sure the baby was still on track. I honestly wasn’t worried about anything after having the first ultrasound done because of how all his measurements came back just fine, but I was pretty excited to just be able to see him on the screen again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: pregnant women love ultrasounds. I mean, you feel this kid moving around and punching your organs for months and months, think about them constantly, and you can’t help but wonder what they actually look like up in there.

Well, I’m thrilled to report that my son seems cute. I know I’ve talked about my fear of having an ugly baby before, so this is some seriously fantastic news for me.  Also, his feet are freaking huge…

For some reason, at every ultrasound I’ve had so far the technician absolutely INSISTS on printing out a picture of his — how do you say? — balls. I don’t ask for them to do this, but they take it upon themselves to go on a little Easter egg hunt and they just seem to get really excited when they can get a good shot of them. Hmm, nothanks. I have like 5 photos of those and it’s just getting weird.

Anywayyyyy. Have a good day. :)

30 Weeks

When I was talking about what a major milestone 25 weeks was for me FIVE WHOLE WEEKS AGO, this adorable mama-to-be said, “25 weeks is a good milestone. 30 is even better!”

That statement couldn’t have been more true, let me tell you!

Even though I’m up 30 pounds from February (I wonder why?), starting to get a little uncomfortable with this growing belly, and apparently “containing water” (per the moronic janitor in my office complex that I will seriously punch in the face next time), there’s such a comfort in knowing that I’ll be meeting my daughter within the next ten weeks.  I’m starting the big countdown now, and can worry about shedding those pounds then, right? Right.

(Please tell me I’m right…)