Morgan’s Mom Says – Pregnancy Edition

Four of my close friends are pregnant. Tell me how I’m supposed to NOT have baby fever.  I knowww… I have a baby already, but it’s getting to the point where we need to start thinking about the next one whether it’s happening soon or not, right?

* shows you a knife * TELL ME I’M RIGHT.

Anyway, I was talking to one of my lovely, glowing pregnant friends earlier today and she wanted a little help finding some maternity clothes. I started browsing through some online shops and before I knew it, the fever had struck with full force.

Those bellies! OMG, those bellies. They’re so dang cute. I kind of sort of want to be pregnant again… it really wasn’t THAT bad, was it?…. yyyyeah, it kind of was, but OMG PREGNANT BELLIES!

I personally blame Nicole Richie, by the way. Who looks this cute while pregnant? WHO!?

So I emailed Mom:

Snap me out of baby fever RIGHT THIS SECOND. I’m talking to Becca right now and she’s 20 weeks. We’re online shopping for maternity clothes and I want to wear some. This is getting bad.

Mom says:

Me too!  Just kidding.

You hated your butt while you were pregnant.  You can’t wear heels.  You have a 2 bedroom apartment.  NO!  Just enjoy the babies all your friends are having.   Your time for a 2nd baby will come at the right time.

Alright, Mom. YOU WIN.

(Since this happens every 2 months on average, there’s no doubt I’ll be emailing Mom again soon. Or I’ll just buy that one cute maternity top I bookmarked 10 minutes ago.)


My Mad Paint Skills

I found this in an old Photobucket account from a few years ago. It was most likely the result of a lazy day at the front desk (with nothing but Microsoft Paint to keep me occupied) combined with some serious baby fever.

Not Far Off in Justin’s Future:

Look at those skills. I matched those colors perfectly.

Sorry, babe. I’m afraid I might have passed down the frowning, huge glasses gene to our baby girl.