Phantom Baby Kicks

Earlier today I was sitting at a stop light, listening to the radio and fixing my lip gloss. All of a sudden I felt something straight up MOVE in my belly. For a few seconds I panicked, trying to remember if I took my birth control, when my last period was, etc.  I knew there was no possible way I could be pregnant. You have to be, what? 4 months along to feel your baby kick?

But WHAT THE HECK was that?

Every so often I get that same feeling that makes me stop dead in my tracks and have a mini freak out session. I’ve had this discussion with some of my mom friends and they all seem to have experienced the Phantom Baby Kicks.

We know it’s just gas… but seriously? We ALL have gas that is so powerful it feels like a baby is kicking? Come on. Something else has to be going on here.

If not, that’s just plain gross/slightly badass.

I Need.

Alright. I’ve been slacking BIG time on posts, and I promise I’ll get back to it as soon as things slow down at work (because you all know, normally about 7 of the 8 hours during my work day are devoted to things other than actual work).

In the mean time, enjoy and drool over some of the things I REALLY, ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY MUST HAVE FOR MY LITTLE GIRL OR I WILL JUST DIE.

Adorable little hat. Found here.

A lovely print. For a nursery, perhaps? Hmm…

Anything with this pattern is automatically adored by me.

In other news, I have been feeling especially crafty and … nest-y lately, so you can expect to see what I’ve been up to pretty soon.

My dear daughter has also been kicking the living crap out of me the past few days, which I absolutely LOVE. It’s the strangest feeling ever, but it is just so exciting to be reminded that she’s really in there!

Oh, and one last thing — a 19 week belly picture is on it’s way. My bump, my bump, my lovely baby bump is growing at an incredibly freakish rate, as are the width of my hips and thighs. Oh, the joys of pregnancy.