My Honest LipSense Review – Luv It!

It’s not every day you see me post a product review, so that should be a great indicator right off the bat that this post will be completely genuine on my part!

So my friend Leah asked me if I’d like to try & give my honest feedback on LipSense and I took her up on the offer. This might sound a little weird, but lips are my favorite thing to decorate… Christmas is on the brain apparently, but how else do you say that? ha! Don’t you have a makeup type/product you just enjoy using more than the others? I’m not a big fan of foundation, concealer, powder, bleh — just not my thing… buuuuut LIPS! Lips have so many options! You can go natural, you can go bold, you can go crazy — lipsticks and glosses are just my thing and I’m always down to try something new!


I had joined Leah’s LipSense group on Facebook and silently observed/stalked her posts for months and months, where I saw claims of this product being smudge-proof, extremely long wearing, super vibrant and they don’t contain wax or lead. And the photos of ladies wearing it definitely piqued my interest. The shades are GORGEOUS. I haven’t seen one yet that I wouldn’t love to try.




When the package arrived, I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t read any reviews or heard anyone else’s personal experience with LipSense besides what I had seen on Facebook. Leah was so sweet and generous and sent me the starter kit, which includes the color (I chose Luv It), a clear gloss, and the Ooops Remover. I was surprised that there was a remover designed JUST for this color. The claims of it’s staying power must be pretty accurate then! So off I went to give it shot…


glosses top view

First, you’re supposed to apply three layers of the color to clean, dry lips, waiting for the coats to dry completely between layers and then top it with the gloss. If you make any mistakes, the Ooops will take care of it. I put that first layer on and was really surprised by the consistency. It didn’t have that glossy, gooey feel I was expecting. I want to say it feels a little thin and cool, slightly watery even. Not in a bad way, just different than my usual MAC stuff. That first layer tingled like a B though! But apparently, that’s normal on the first few applications as you get used to the formula and especially if your lips are dehydrated.

After I applied each layer, I kept expecting to feel a heaviness or globs of some sort, but I’m not kidding, there was no weight. So cool. I tried reaaaally hard not to touch my lips together until they were completely dry, per the instructions. I instinctively wanted to rub them together to blend like I always do, but you have to wait. When it was dry, it felt so light, it was like there was nothing even there. Then the gloss went on so smoothly and had absolutely NO color residue on the wand. That blew my mind. After it was all said and done, I had a very pretty, peachy-pink shade with great coverage.

Morgan Lip Sense Luv It

I have to be honest, I’m not a very good makeup reviewer and after I put the stuff on, I had to run right out the door to take the kids to school, stopped by Starbucks, went back home and then was headed out the door AGAIN before I realized I didn’t take a picture of my dang lips! So the photo above was after nearly 2 hours of wear, without any reapplication. Pretty amazing, right? That color lasted all day, through meals and snacks and coffee, kissing my babies and yappin’ on the phone. I am so thrilled with this product!

Morgan LipSense

I really didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. I’ve used it nearly every day for the past week and can even tell the difference in the texture and moisture of my lips. They were verrrry chapped at that first application (probably part of the tingling thing too), but now even with the cold weather, my lips feel so healthy and soft! I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on some more shades!

Another really interesting thing about LipSense is that you can combine different colors in the layering process to get so many different combinations. Sooo yeah, just another reason for me to stock up on a few more really soon!

Leah Red Cherry Blu Red

Say Hi to Leah and her gorgeous red lips! She helped me choose from all the amazing colors to find the one that I absolutely adore. You’ll love her! If you are interested in trying the products out for yourself, here’s all her info:

Leah’s Kissable Lippies on Facebook (super fun group!)


Distributor #198630

Have you tried LipSense yet? Any suggestions on which color to try next?


Teal Nail Polish Trend

So, I can’t decide whether I approve of the teal polish trend that’s omg sooooo in right now or not. I think it’s one of those things where one random person decided to wear it, it was photographed, Lauren Conrad felt the need to join in, then everyone was all nuts about it (remember the purple last year?).

As reluctant as I am to buy into every new (and sometimes silly) trend, I did pick up a bottle today to try out. It will only go on my toes, since, you know… teal fingernails on the receptionist doesn’t exactly scream “professional”.


Well, what do you know?! LC has blue toes.


The Glamourai (anyone know her real name?) prances around in cute/terrifying shoes and blue toes.


Maybe it was just Suri who started it all. Who knows.

What do you think about it? Weird? Cute? Eh?

Making Time for the Little Luxuries

As a new mom, I’m finding that my beauty routine has changed a bit. Even up until the day Madeline was born, I was (I’ll admit) quite the diva. So much has changed, being that time and funds are more limited nowadays.

Now, the things I would have accomplished without batting an eyelash are falling by the wayside. Things like bubble baths, curling my hair, and even shaving my legs (horrid, I know). Professional pedicures, where I used to spend $30 every two weeks, are few and far between. Tanning was a daily addiction, getting highlights every 5-6 weeks was a must, and I can’t forget how relaxing it was to get those massages.

Looking back, most of those little luxuries were pretty costly and unnecessary for me… to a point.

I know bottle blondes really do NEED highlights that often or else you start looking skunky and cracked out. I’ve been there. You might remember when I recently and very briefly made the switch back to blonde. Though I loved it so, the upkeep just wasn’t realistic for me at this time in my life. So back to low maintenance brunette I went, and I’m kind of loving it more than the blonde.

Tanning, well, I still love it despite all the damage it does. But I’m having a really hard time justifying spending $40+ for a month when I could just go outside and use the sun for free. Slathering on a little bit of self-tanner works just as well (and more quickly).

Pedicures on the other hand… I just can’t part with them. When we have the extra money to splurge a bit, the nail salon is the first place I’ll go. When we don’t have the extra money, I do what I happen to be doing right this second… soak my feet in a tub and paint my nails myself.

I never wanted to be the mom who made excuses for why her appearance went downhill, but now I can sort of understand it all. Babies have a way of sucking up your energy. Making time for the little things that make you feel relaxed and beautiful is still very important, you just have to work on finding new ways to make it happen.

What is the one thing in your beauty routine that makes you feel the most beautiful? What luxuries do you splurge on? Is there anything you absolutely can’t live without?

I told you it’s the pedicures with me… crusty feet have never been my thing. Do share!

Review: The Complete Eyebrow Guide

For as much time, effort, and money we spend on perfecting our appearance, it must be something that holds quite a bit of importance.  Beauty and fashion trends are ever-changing, as the latest fads tend to evolve quickly over short periods of time.

One thing is to be sure: Great looking eyebrows never go out of style.  It’s one accessory your face can’t afford to skimp on, unless of course, you favor the whole Sasquatch look.  Thank Heavens, I’ve grown out of that stage.  Seventh grade… yeeow.

Bushy eyebrows and glasses? Check.  I didn't grow the mustache until later.
Bushy eyebrows and glasses? Check. The mustache didn't make an appearance for another few years.

Trisha Bartle, the beauty and brains behind Makeup Files, was an absolute doll in letting me check out her latest eBook, The Complete Eyebrow Guide.  She has compiled an extensive, yet easy-to-follow guide on achieving the perfect brows.  The book goes through various hair removal options, includes step-by-step instructions and is packed full of other informative tips and tricks I would have never known.

One thing I especially appreciated was the section dedicated to grooming men’s eyebrows.  I think we can all give her a big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for that one!

...not cute.
...not cute.

If you’d like to become acquainted with Trisha, her beauty blog and her lovely eBook, hop on over to Makeup Files and read for yourself. :)