A Mini Project

I’ve been saying how crafty I’ve been lately, which is sort of a lie.  It’s more like… Hi. I have the full intention to be creative and domestic and fulfill my nesting duties, but I’m too lazy at the moment and would rather eat my weight in macaroni and cheese while watching I Survived a Japanese Game Show than do something productive.

Pending Projects:

  • Unpacking (almost 3 months later) all our clothes and getting our closet in order.  Currently, if you were to peek into the black hole that is my closet, you’d see about 3 of Justin’s shirts that are actually on hangers and the rest of our entire clothing collection (and my shoes.  and my purses.) heaped up in a huge pile on the floor.  I know.
  • Unpacking (…almost 3 months later) the spare room/office/nursery.  I’m telling you… it’s a problem.
  • Painting a baby dresser I found at a yard sale and finding some cute knobs (Anthropologie — oh yeahh).
  • Painting and recovering a rocking chair I found at a yard sale.
  • Going to yard sales and finding more cheap, fabulous items.
  • I like yard sales.
  • A lot.

It really doesn’t seem like a lot to do, but I just can’t seem to get motivated!

One thing I actually did was make this wall hanging for the nursery…

I went to the craft store one day last week and bought a wooden frame and the letter M, painted them white (took about 3 seconds), stuck a piece of scrap booking paper in the frame, and glued the wooden letter to it.  Easiest thing I’ve ever done!

Really, all I need is some white paint and a few hours to get that dresser finished.  Maybe this weekend?  We’ll see…